How to Make Paperclip Bookmarks

I found this really neat bookmark today while going through Pinterest.  I fell in love and had to recreate it.  These are very simple to make, they make great ways for kids to keep their pages for summer reading (yes, I am a mean mom that makes my kids read AT LEAST one chapter a day) or gifts for teachers.  They can be customized to fit your liking and anyone, even the most un-creative person, can make them!



Jumbo Paperclip

The Ribbon can be any colors, combination of colors, widths and lengths that you like!  You can use all thin ribbon, a few thicker ribbon, glittery strands, shoot, even yard would work!  I have found small sets of ribbon at Target in the Dollar Spot.  All the ribbons compliment each other and it gives a nice variety.  That is what is shown above.  The Jumbo Paperclips can also be found at Target.  You get a package of, I believe five for less than $2.  They come in pink, purple, blue, green…honestly it’s been awhile since I bought them, but that is where I always get them!  Check in the office supplies!


  1. Cut your ribbon to the desired length.  You can have it as long or as short as you’d like.  Figure out how long you want the ribbon to be and then double that, plus a little extra for the knot.
  2. *Optional* Heat seal the ends of your ribbon by running a lighter over them to prevent fraying.  Personally, I think a little fray on a project like this give it personality, so I didn’t heat seal.
  3. Ensure your paperclip is faced so it will clip a paper correctly and tie your ribbons, one at  a time around the top.  I just used a normal, singly knot for each one.  Ensure they are as tight as possible.
  4. YOU’RE DONE!  Wasn’t that easy?!?!

So there you go, a really cute bookmark, even your kids can help make!  For less than $5 you can make 4-5 of these, but they sell on Etsy for about $6.50/each!  Why spend the money on buying ONE when you can create a bunch at home, personalized to fit YOUR style!


  1. Marybeth says

    I also saw these and loved them! Thanks for posting instructions! What size paper clips did you use. It looks like the ones on pinterest were 4 inches long. I haven’t seen any that large.

    • says

      they are large…they are the Jumbo clips. You can get them at Walmart and Target in the office supplies. :) Mine are about 4 inches or so. I got like 5 of them for $1.75 I believe at Target. :)

  2. Michele says

    My 10 year old and I will be making 32 of these for her end of school class gift. I to make my girls read every day of summer. And journal. I’m an extra mean mommy.

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