Working From Home – Types of Jobs

I have been a work-at-home-mom (WAHM) for the past five years.  While it is a lot of fun being able to work from home and still be available for my family, there are downsides to it.  I am going to discuss all aspects of working from home through this series.  Let’s start with discussing the types of work at home jobs that are out there!

You would be surprised with how many jobs you can actually do from home.  Many people think you can only do things like selling Avon or medical transcription.  There are so many other types of jobs.

Direct Sales

There are thousands upon thousands of direct sales jobs out there.  These are things like Avon, Tupperware, Thirty-One, It-Works, and the list goes on and on!  With these types of jobs, if you are good as selling and have a good base of friends, you can start off doing pretty well.  I have never been good at these types of jobs.  I tried selling Mary Kay, which ended with me buying $900 worth of product I could never get sold.  I tried selling for a company called Stuff-A-Friend.  This was my favorite because you sold animals like Build-A-Bear, but they were done at home.  I tried really hard with this one, even setting up at booths during events at Babies-R-Us and everything.  I didn’t even sell ONE.  I tried selling Shaklee.  Okay, so I didn’t put forth much effort in this one, mainly because, while I loved the product, many of it was outside of budget.  If I can’t afford to buy something, it’s hard for me to ask others to spend money on it.  I am all about good deals and saving money, how can I ask someone to spend so much money on vitamins and cleaning products?  After that my husband said I better not ever try to sell anything again.  I agree, sales is NOT for me.

Open your own store (online or shows)

If you are crafty, you can open your own store.  While this is a lot of work, you can make great money at it.  I used to have a shop called Cheery Trinkets.  I sold bottle cap jewelry, hair bows, tutus, etc.  It was fun but I think it grew too quickly and I could not keep up.  My days were filled with full-filling orders that had come in.  I do miss having cash coming into my PayPal each day, but my stress level was entirely too high while doing it.  Some people have been at it for years and really love it.  You can also take your items and sell them at craft shows.  This is a huge money maker around the holidays!


This is the first thing that everyone I know wants to do from home.  The problem with it is, EVERYONE wants to do it.  Unless you can type nearly 100 wpm with little to no error, you probably won’t be able to find a job.  Even if you CAN type that well, you will still have issues finding a job. I have applied at numerous jobs and never heard back at all.  Not a thanks but no thanks, not a there is no way we would ever hire you, or anything else for that matter.  If you can get one, consider yourself lucky!

Call Center

There are many call center type jobs you can do from home.  I have done it before and it was great money.  I loved it.  The issue with these types of jobs is that you must have no noise in the background.  I am a stay-at-home mother of three, my house is never quiet.  Once my kids go to school, this will be the first type of job I look into.  These jobs allow you to take phone calls from customers from the comforts of your own home.  I used to take calls for items people ordered through infomercials.  It was funny the things that went up for sale!  How these types of jobs typically work, is you get paid per minute you are actually on a call.  So if you sit for 30 minutes waiting for a call to come in, you aren’t paid for that 30 minutes.  Some companies have a set amount that you are paid if no calls come in.  For example, if you get no calls or talk for less than 30 minutes during any given hour, one company I was looking into would pay you for a guaranteed 30 minutes.  While this is nice, it depends on what the per minute pay is.  I found that many are right around $0.20-$0.25/minute of talk time.  Another thing about these types of jobs is that you must have a home phone in most cases.  In my house we only use cell phones, we have no use for a home phone.  To land a job like this, you must have a land line home phone.  You also normally must purchase your own noise-cancelling headset and phone base that allows you to place a call on hold.

Become a blogger!

If you start a blog, within a few week you can start to make money with it.  I know it sounds crazy, but it is possible.  Don’t get me wrong, it takes time and a lot of work, but if you enjoy what you write about, it doesn’t seem all that bad.  Once you have your blog with a few weeks of good articles, begin to grow your viewer base.  You can sign up for blog hops and things that will help to get people looking at your blog.  After that, sign up with an affiliate program, like Escalate Media and you can begin getting paid as people click on  your links!  Again, it takes some work, but it will be worth it in the long run!

I have also written for other blogs.  I have written columns for various blogs about parenting, tech gadgets and women’s interests.  It was all topics I enjoyed and I have been paid per article to write.  These types can be difficult to come by, until you get to know people in the industry.

There are many, many other types of work at home jobs out there.  A lot of companies are beginning to look at having employees work from home because it cuts down on their overhead for an office building.  What I enjoy about working from home is that I have more flexibility for my kids and I don’t have to worry about gas to drive to and from a job, dressing up or eating out.  I stay at home and it saves a lot of money!

Be on the look out for the next post that discusses what to look for when searching for a work-at-home job!


  1. Jennifer says

    Hello I found you from the Social Blog Hop … your blog name made me ck u out. This is a great post. I am also a stay at home mom trying to make a little extra for the family. I am following through GFC.

  2. says

    I’ve tried so many of these! I worked for Hilton Reservations from home and did home parties for both Tupperware and Pampered Chef. I really loved Pampered Chef and got so many of their wonderful products out of the deal!

  3. says

    Hey Amber! I am doing pretty well with the blogging thing too (as you know! LOL!) I also do direct sales — prepaid cell phones that actually save people money and give them a chance to earn money. While I have totally SUCKED at direct sales before… I am actually in the black on this one and it is a product I love, actually DOES save people money, and one that people actually USE. That makes a HUGE difference!

    I used to work for a call center (West) and hated it :/ While I was there, they changed the rules so that you no longer were only paid for talk time. The government got involved and said that we were not contractors, but employees. And that they were using the contractor label to get away with not paying min wage. So they had to change us all to employees and we got paid for the whole time we sat there waiting for the phone to ring, as well as for the time on call! Not sure if all companies are like this though?

  4. Nani says

    Hey um , I am a very creative person , I was wondering , since you said you opened your own store , do you have a list of wholesale places from which you bought the materials at to make your stuff ? Because im thinking of opening an etsy shop , then later on when i actually grow , id open one in my town . I already have the money to open it up , i just think it’s too risky to start off without a set base of customers and advertising .

  5. Tricia says

    Hi dear your info on jobs at home was very helpful think i will try the blogging and other things.I am Tricia from Barbados i have a daughter and i’m also getting married trying to payoff my debts I’ve been home for 2 years.

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