Do-it-Yourself: Melted Crayon Art



I saw this first over at Randomosity and FELL IN LOVE with it.  I had to try it out and give you all a step-by-step!  It’s a fun, simple project that would be adorable for the kids play room, bedroom or a gift for a teacher!  This would be SO cute to give to your child’s teacher!  Adorable!

It’s really easy and your kids can help with parts of it.  I’d keep them away from the hot glue and stuff though… are you ready for the step-by-step to make this awesome picture?!


  • Canvas (any size, whatever you want!)
  • Crayons
  • Hot Glue Gun w/ Glue Sticks
  • Blow Dryer
  • News Paper
  • Box or something to prop up your canvas
  • Newspaper




Line up your crayons in a pattern you like.  I did a rainbow pattern, but you can really do whatever!  Notice I’m working on the newspaper because it is messy when the crayon begins to melt!


Run a line of hot glue on the back of each crayon and put in place.  You might want to make sure the labels are laid straight, if you are crazy like I am!


Turn your blow dryer onto high and hot.  Let it run for a bit to make sure the air it’s blowing is really warm.


Begin to run the blow dryer over the crayons so they begin to melt.   You will want to prop it up on a box or something so the melted crayon moves downward.


Keep melting.  As the crayon melts and drips down you can move it around a little bit with the dryer.  Be careful because it will splatter off the canvas!


And you’re done!  Let it cool down and you’re set!


  1. says

    Love it!

    A friend made a really cool wreath for “Back to School” by gluing crayons around a straw wreath. She hung in on the front door and it looked great. When she came home the next day… her front door, the glass storm door, and the floor between the two … looked like the last picture in your tutorial. What a mess!

  2. Mitch says

    😆 Like OMG this is so stellar I’m totally going to try this with my girlfriend we are going to have a ball!

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