Do-it-Yourself: Upcycle Computer Parts

Computers come and go very quickly and all those parts normally just get tossed in the landfill.  There are so many different things you can do with the parts to make something beautiful.  Above is the cutest mouse Robot!  I REALLY want one..I just need to get about 15 old mice and lots and lots of glue!  :)

Here are some other ideas I really love:




IKEA Hackers has the neatest lights, I really think I need some of these!  These are circuit boards wired together.









This is a great, really simply craft.  You can buy clock works at any craft store for very cheap.  They even have them at Walmart.  Get a neat looking CD/DVD and put the clock works in the center.  You can glue the computer keys around the center with something like E6000 (my FAVORITE craft glue).





I love these pencil holders!  Just attach floppy disks together.  The easiest way would be with some E6000.  These are SO cute to set on your desk.







This is the cutest idea, drill holes in the keyboard keys and string yourself a necklace!  You can also attach to earrings or a ring base.




So those are a few fun ideas, what are your favorite upcycle crafts with computer parts?  If I can get a robot made, I will be sure to put up a tutorial!



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