Do-It-Yourself: Pudding Paint

Pudding Paint is SO MUCH FUN!  Any age can use it and it doesn’t matter when they eat it!  I used to baby sit a one-year-old and would strip the kids down to a diaper and let them paint away.  It was fun and totally edible!  The pictures will last a few years, but will crack after a while…but they are made with pudding, so I guess you can’t expect too much, right?  Here is the tutorial I wrote for back in 2009.

Pudding Painting With Your Kids is Artistic and Delicious

By: Amber Ortega

My son loves painting, but being a 3-year-old always seems to make a mess and get it all over himself.  I found a way that makes painting a little more fun and he can lick the paint from his hands.

Colored pudding makes the best finger paints and is fun for kids of all ages.  You can paint on paper or even paint your body, as you might have seen on “Jon & Kate Plus 8″.  Kate allows the children to paint with chocolate pudding on several episodes, but I like using colored pudding because it is so much fun.

Here’s what you need:

  • Vanilla Pudding, either made from a box or pre-made pudding cups
  • food coloring

1. Mix pudding with food coloring.  Remember the more food coloring you put in the pudding, the deeper and brighter your colors will be.

2. Allow your child to paint paper or himself with your bright, pretty and fun pudding paints.

This is one of the easiest crafts that I do with my kids, and they love it.  They all like getting their hands covered so they can eat the pudding.  If you’d like you can use paintbrushes, spoons or whatever to paint with, but my family prefers using their hands, arms and elbows.

When the paint dries it will lightly shiny and makes a nice piece of artwork to display.  I have had pudding paintings for years and never had a problem with it having any type of strange smell or anything of that nature.  Some of my friends were worried it would mold, but no worries, I have never had that problem.  Dig in and enjoy!



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    What a neat idea. I wish I could have my husband use it for daycare but they seem to take issue with using food for crazy but again I live in NY Still love the idea though!

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