Do-it-yourself: Glow-in-the-dark Bathtime

My kids all love to play in the tub, but bath toys get boring after a while.  I’ve tried things like bath fizzers and bath crayons but those get expensive.  I came up with a great idea that is super fun and cheap!  Make bath time glow-in-the-dark with glow sticks!  You can pick up a pack for $1 at most dollar stores or even craft stores sometimes carry them.


Open the package and crack them to make them start glowing.  Put them in the water and watch the colors shine all over the place!  That’s all you need to do!!

The water carries the colors and really makes them glow.  You can use big or small glow sticks.  I used a package from the Dollar Tree.

 It was 10 bracelets for $1.  I gave my son the entire package to play with, but he  really didn’t need that many.  He had a blast though and thought it was the neatest thing watching them glow.  I did close the blinds in the bathroom and turn off the light, but I don’t think that was even necessary.  The sticks glow really bright in the water, even in normal light.

Next time you want to liven up bath time, just throw in a few glow sticks.  You’d be amazed at how much fun the kids can have with just a few little sticks!


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