Monthly Earnings Report: August 2011

This month I was more focused on building my reader-base and gaining viewers.  I slacked a little on my earnings, but I am still happy with what I did make, here goes:

Adsense: $104.72

Escalate Network: $46.41

Logical Media: $67.35

StuffBuff: $50.00

MyPoints: 3 points (I totally forgot about this the entire month!)

SuperPoints: 1445 points

Swagbucks:  483 points

Random advertisements on my blog: $55

So there you have it!  I made a total of $323.48 for the month of August, not including points I can use on the above sites to get gift cards, etc.



    • says

      They are each affiliate websites. So you sign up and are paid for people who click through the ads or sign up for different deals. Escalate and Logical you can click on the name to go sign up. StuffBuff isn’t taking new ones that I know of right now. :)

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