25 Handprint Crafts for Christmas

What it is about Christmas that makes everyone want to get crafty?  From decorating the house to creating memorable gifts for friends and family…..the holiday season makes so many people avid crafters.

When you have kids, a great way to capture their size is to incorporate their little hand prints into your decorations and gifts.  You can use a hand print itself to create gorgeous ornament or turn their print into a really cute reindeer, Santa or even an Angel.  Here is a list of 25 crafts….from ornaments to cards to cute pictures using your little one’s hand prints as the main focus.  Check them out, get some inspiration and bring on the glitter (Glitter makes EVERYTHING better)!

25 Handprint Crafts for Christmas


  1. Sparkly Glitter Handprint Ornament (Tutorial)
  2. Handprint Snowman Ornament (Tutorial)
  3. Baby’s First Christmas Handprint Ornament (Tutorial)
  4. Reindeer (Tutorial)
  5. Handprint Tree Ornament (Picture)
  6. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Handprint (Tutorial)
  7. Away in a Manger Ornament (Picture)
  8. Handprint Salt Dough Ornament (Picture)
  9.  Handprint Angel 

Pictures and Cards

  1. Santa Hand Print (Tutorial)
  2. Handprint Family Tree (Picture)
  3. Snowman Hand Print (Tutorial)
  4. Little Deer “Rudolph” Hand Print (Tutorial)
  5. Handprint Christmas Tree Cards (Tutorial)
  6. Winter Birds Picture (Picture)
  7. Holly Christmas Cards (Tutorial)
  8. Handprint Santa (Tutorial)
  9. Away in a Manger Footprint and Angel Handprint (Tutorial)
  10. Reindeer Handprint (Tutorial)
  11. Handprint Wreath (Tutorial)
  12. Handprint Reindeer Puppets and Treat Bags (Tutorial)
  13. Penguin Picture (Picture)
  14. Handprint Snowflakes (Tutorial)
  15. Dancing Santa (Picture)
  16. Reindeer (Picture)


  1. beverly wisman says

    thanks for the idea, i m going to try and do wirh with 12 grands for their parents, lol… patience patience,, lol

  2. says

    I love all of these!!! Every year the boys and i make special handmade ornaments for family and friends as their Christmas card from us. This year we soaked pine cones in simmering scents and let them dry out.. which of course when they dry they expand.. then we sprayed them with a glitter shimmer and various other decor added to them depending on who it was to.. I love the hand print snowmen!!!

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