DIY: Salted Candle Holders {23 Days of Handmade Christmas}


handmade christmas Day 6: Candles

I love candles.  I know there are so many gorgeous candles out there, I wanted to create a beautiful candle holder.  This was very inexpensive and is so pretty.  It can be colored to match any of your decor and is good to use year round!  You can make these salted candle holders to match any season.  I know you might be asking, what is a SALTED candle holder? Just read and you will see how amazing these candle holders are…..covered in epson salt!  They are extremely easy and super cheap!  I covered a clear candle holder I bought at the Dollar Tree, but you can reuse any type of glass bottle or jar!  Here is how easy it is:



  • Clear jar
  • Mod Podge or I used some watered down Elmer’s school glue (just add enough water to make it easy to paint on!)
  • Paint Brush
  • Epson Salt
  • Food Coloring (optional)
  • Krylon Crystal Clear Spray – Gloss
Pour a cup or two of Epson Salt into a bowl.  If you would like to add a little color, add ONE DROP of food coloring.  Mix well.  You will be surprised how far one drop will go in the salt.


Using your paint brush, paint the Mod Podge or glue mixture onto your glass container.  Make sure to cover all areas.


Hold your container and press into your salt.  I found it easiest to just put my hand inside and turn it to cover each side.  If there are any places that aren’t covered, just sprinkle a little of the salt to make sure it is fully covered.  Set to the side to dry.


Once the glue has dried, take it outside to spray with the Krylon Crystal Clear.  I sprayed probably 4-5 layers to fully cover the salt.  Spray a layer, allow to dry, repeat as necessary.  Make sure it is fully dry…I like to allow mine to sit over night….even though the bottle says it dries in an hour.


You are ready to add a candle….you will be surprised at how beautiful it is when it lights up.

Now that you’ve seen my candle holder, be sure to visit Amanda of Midwestern Moms to see her Santa Candle and Sadie of Randomosity to see her glittered candles!


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