DIY: Fort Kit – Kids Gift {23 Days of Handmade Christmas}

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handmade christmasDay 3 – Boys Gift

I decided to show you how easy it is to create a really fun gift that is perfect for boys (or girls for that matter!)  Kids love to create forts.  This kit is super easy to put together.  You can use things you already have around the house to create this gift.  Personally, I went to Goodwill and the Dollar Tree for ALL my supplies.  Let me show you how easy it is…..


  • Old t-shirt you can cut up
  • Rope
  • Large Clips
  • Flash Light
  • Sewing machine
First you want to create the ties for your large sheet.  I laid out my t-shirt and cut strips.  You want 8 strips in total.  I cut four of these then cut them at each end to create my 8 strips.
Pull each piece to make the sides curl in.
Fold each tie in half then sew one on each corner.  Then add a tie halfway between each corner on all four sides.  This will give you a total of eight ties around the sheet (aka fort).
Now you just need to add your accessories.  I added rope, large clips and flashlights.  You could also add in clothespins and glow-in-the-dark sticks.  Put all of these in a pillow case to keep together!
Now that you’ve seen my gift idea for boys, please visit Amanda at Midwestern Moms for an amazing Dinosaur Hoodie and Sadie at Randomosity to see their amazing ideas!



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    I love this idea! We used to build forts out of the couch cushions when I was little! haha! Would be so cool to have had an actual kit complete with flashlights!

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