DIY: Jingle Bell Snowman {23 Days of Handmade Christmas}


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We are on to Day 8 of the 23 Days of Handmade Christmas…..BELLS!

I decided to make another ornament out of bells.  I love snowmen and thought this was the perfect opportunity to use those bells to make something adorable to hang on the tree!  Here is my version of a Jingle Bell Snowman. 


  • 3 Large Bells
  • White spray paint
  • Craft Wire
  • Black Paint
  • Pencil with an eraser you don’t mind ruining
  • Small triangle of orange felt
  • Pipe Cleaner (I used a metallic one because it was AWESOME)
  • Small piece of ribbon or you could cut a piece of fabric
  • Glitter (I used white glitter)
  • Glue
  • Paintbrush
First cut a piece of craft wire.  I cut mine fairly long.  I needs to be able to feed through all 3 of the bells.  I always cut things longer than I need.  You can cut off excess but can’t add an inch or two on!


Thread your wire through one bell.  Find the center of the wire, fold in half.


Thread the wire through the bottom of the next bell and up through the top.  If you have have trouble getting the wire through the top, fold a little “L” shape on the very tip of the wire.


Now thread the wire through your third and last bell.  Twist at the top.  Wait to cut off the extra wire…it may make your next steps much easier to have the excess.


Spray paint your bells white.  I sprayed them and then hung them to dry.  This is where the extra wire comes in handy!


Allow the paint to fully dry.  Paint a thin layer of glue all over the bells then sprinkle with glitter.  Hang up again to allow to dry.  After it is fully dry, go ahead and snip off the extra wire.  You shouldn’t need it anymore.


Dip the eraser of your pencil in your black paint and dab on the top bell for your snowman’s eyes and mouth.


After your eyes and mouth dry, add a felt mouth.  I just cut a small triangle out of orange felt then hot glued it to the bell.  Tie your ribbon between the top and middle bell to create a scarf.  To make the ear muffs I took one end of the pipe cleaner and created a small circle then went around a few times until it was the right size to fit on my snowmans head.  I then left enough of the pipe cleaner to fit across the head and made another ear muff for the other side by making a circle then going around several times to make it the same size at the first.  To hang him up I tied another piece of thin ribbon on the top, but you could easily use an ornament hanger through the top of the bell.

I hope you enjoyed my Jingle Bell Snowman.  Be sure to visit Amanda with Midwestern Moms to see her Bell Garland.


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