I’m a ninja! No, but for real, I’m a ninja!

While at the bus stop, I meet a lot of parents.  While talking to one of little girls’ moms I found out she was a photographer…and not just any wanna-be photographer..like a PROFESSIONAL.  She had stuff in Italian Vogue!  Are you serious?!?  Well, I asked her how much she would charge me to do some headshots or something for my blog…she says, let’s do it!  So I we went back and forth deciding what to do….and decided an actual ninja photo would rock!

I went out and bought a ninja costume and we met at my house to take this photo.  She did an amazing job!   Look, I’m a for real ninja!  I love it!  Look! I’m kicking a piggy bank!  Look at all the high-tech stuff around me…..I love it!

Please go take a look at Rebecca Massey Photography!  You will be amazed at her photos!  



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