How to use Pinterest

You may have heard of Pinterest and wondered what it was and how it worked.  I hear so many people talking about it and wondering how to get the best use out of the amazing site.  Yes, I said AMAZING.  I love Pinterest.  Can you say addicted?

Let me explain a little about Pinterest: 

Basically, Pinterest allows you to create a visual bookmark.  You can save webpages via a picture from that site.  This is amazing for tutorials, recipes, hair styles, clothing, etc.  You can “pin” great ideas and be able to easily come back to them later.  The video above will walk you through how to pin, how to go to pages you have already pinned and how to repin an item.

If you are a blogger, Pinterest is an amazing tool to help drive traffic to your site.  Let me explain:

First, someone pins something from your site.  This could be something funny, a quote, craft, recipe, etc etc etc…

Everyone that follows them will see this pin come through.  If they like it, they may repin it or follow the pin to your site.  So far my top day for Pinterest views was 700.  This was almost all from my 2011 Tutorial of the Year, Freezer Paper Stencils.  Amazing, right?

If you want to see what has been pinned from your site, it is very easy to check!  Go to  so to check Thrifty Ninja’s, I visit  This will bring up all of the pins that are from

To follow me on Pinterest, visit Thrifty Ninja’s Pinterest Page and click FOLLOW under my picture! 


  1. Holly Hennessy Swint says

    TY for posting this! I could not find any info on the basics of using Pinterest. I finally figured out I had to create a board first to be able to pin anything but am still having trouble with doing basic things like basic pinning, finding the link to my pin to submit for giveaway entries etc. Would you consider doing a step by step instructions post for using Pinterest from scratch? Or could you tell me where I can find these details so I can keep the link to refer to til I “get it” down? Thank you for your help in advance! Please email me with any info you may have. My sister has just recently joined and I would like to share any info you have with her also.

  2. Sharon says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this tutorial!!! I wish I’d seen it right when I first joined Pinterest! And, I’m so glad you mentioned looking for the t-shirt scarf tutorial on Pinterest. A friend taught me how to make them, but I wanted an online tutorial to send to another friend. Now I know right where to find it.


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