Pinterest Addiction {Quotes}

Source: via Amber @Thrifty Ninja on Pinterest


For those of you on Pinterest, like I am….you will understand and relate to all of these amazing Pinterest quotes.


Pinterest Quote

Image Credit: Twiddler House

All pinners have had the feeling of Pinja Vu…you know you’ve pinned it before, but not sure where or where…it’s okay, PIN AGAIN!


Pinterest Definition

Image Credit: Lasso the Moon

I think this is the perfect definition of Pinterest.  #3 is the most accurate….I waste a lot of time there, however I get so must inspiration that it is totally worth it!


Pinterest QuotesI don’t know what I would do with myself if Pinterest were to go away!  Let’s not even talk about that!


Pinterest QuotesI have found the most amazing hairstyles and painted nails on Pinterest…who know you could do so much with your nails!


Pinterest QuoteI would have to agree that Pinterest is better than Facebook.  I would much rather learn to make something beautiful, or dream about my perfectly decorated house than hear about how sick someone is or watch someone’s relationship status change 3 times a day.


Pinterest DefinitionAnother amazing definition of Pinterest.  I have so much pinned that I would love to make/buy/do but know it will never happen.


Pinterest QuoteAnd last, but not least is the most accurate quote of all!  I can search Pinterest and feel so incredibly creative just to realize that I haven’t done a thing all day but sit at the computer.  It’s all about the inspiration though, right?



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