Hot Eye Shadow Tricks

Eyeshadow can really make your eyes POP!  I searched and found some amazing tutorials to help make your eyes stand out and jaws drop.  Check out the HOT eyeshadow tutorials below:

Green Cat Eyeshadow

This green eye  shadow creates the most amazing cat eye effect.  I would love to try this!


This silver and black effect on the eye shadow is amazing!  This would be a great shadow to wear out on the town!


This look is a little more natural, but simply stunning!  The colors blend to be amazingly beautiful.


This eye shadow is subtle and perfect for any day.  I love how simple it is.  I think I will be trying this eye shadow effect tomorrow!



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    Your blog is so cute! I take snapshots of things I like on my phone and scroll through them in the morning when I cant think of how to do my hair and makeup in the morning. Thanks for these. You should take a peek at my blog too. Its called I hope to see you soon!

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