Ways to save on fashion

In today’s world, people have become thriftier and are always looking for ways to save money. Shopping for clothes is unavoidable. While many women enjoy shopping, others do it simply because they have to. For both groups, looking pulled together and stylish does not have to cost a fortune. Here are a few simple ways to save on fashion without compromising style and comfort.

Thrift and consignment stores offer a great selection of merchandise. While you do have to patient and spend a great deal of time perusing the store’s racks, you can score top brands and like-new clothing for a few dollars per piece. This is a great way to shop for young children, as they are constantly growing and in need of new clothes. Most thrift stores have a fully-stocked kids section with lots of sizes and choices.

If you have a particular favorite clothing store, sign up to receive their emails. Most clothing retailers offer private sales and percentage-off coupons to those that are signed up to receive email. In addition, many stores offer special birthday discounts and gift cards for free during the month of your birthday, so you can save even more money.

Purchasing unused gift cards on third-party sites is another great way to save money. Sellers can post an unwanted gift card and you can buy it for a portion of what it is actually worth. You can save a ton of money when you combine these gift cards with email sales discounts.

What are your best practices for saving money while still looking good? 


  1. Jesse says

    Where do u find the sites that offer the gift cards? It seems scary to go through and look for them, weeding out the ones that are just rip-offs.

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