Diaper Cakes, the perfect gift for the baby-to-be!

diaper cake for twins

I was really excited to hear that my friend was having twins, a boy and girl!  I wanted to get her something that was really cute, but useful at the same time.  What is more useful than diapers?!  I couldn’t imagine the amount of diapers they will go through with two babies!  I have heard of diapers cakes in the past, but wasn’t sure where to get one.  I found Diaper Cake Walk and fell in love!

They have so many options to choose from for a boy, girl or one of each!  Each comes with diapers (of course) and little toiletries along with a cute stuffed animal (or two), toy, etc.  They are the most adorable diaper cakes I have ever seen.

I received the Twins Diaper Cake, for a boy and girl.  The box was delivered and I was so excited when I opened it up!  It was adorable!  When I took it over to my friend, she loved it!  Luckily she got it shortly before going into labor!  All of those diapers will get put to use!

The cake I got came with:

4 tier version includes:

  • Twin baby monkeys
  • 2 pacis
  • 2 comb & brush sets
  • Soft baby washcloths
  • Johnson’s baby wash
  • Johnson’s baby shampoo
  • Johnson’s baby powder
  • Johnson’s baby lotion
  • Desitin diaper rash cream
  • 70-75 premium Pampers Swaddlers, size 1 (up to 14lbs.)

Where to buy: 

You can purchase a cake from Diaper Cake Walk via their website.  Be sure to follow on Facebook as well to hear about new products and specials!


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