Mario Party 9 {Review}

Mario Party 9

Mario has been around for what seems like my entire life.  Okay, not really my entire life, but the majority of it.  I loved playing Super Mario Bros. when I was a kid and am so excited when I see my kids excited to play any of the new Mario games that are out.  As soon as my son saw Mario Party 9 was coming out, he was asking for it.

Diego gives it 100 thumbs up!  Since we gave him the game to play, he has been non-stop.  He loves it and wants to play it every chance he gets.  He loves all the mini-games that you play.  There are 80 different ones on this game, so there are so many to choose from!  I have asked him time and time again which are his favorite, but he can never choose.

It’s a typical evening in the Mushroom Kingdom and Mario and the gang are out enjoying the beautiful view of the Mini-Stars through a telescope. Just when everything seems at peace, the Mini-Stars begin to disappear into a spiraling vortex. None other than Bowser is at the other end, this time plotting, and succeeding, at taking all the Mini-Stars for himself. Now it’s up to Mario and the gang to reach and defeat Bowser by playing through various board maps and mini-games!

What is so neat about Mario Party 9 is that you can play as Koopa, Shy Guy, and Magikoopa/Kamek.  My son thinks it is so cool to be able to be Koopa.  I think they did a great job on this game.  My whole family has fun playing it, and my 6 year old is obsessed (but he LOVES video games).  It keeps everyone entertained, which is always great in a video game.  It isn’t too easy for the adults to be bored or too hard for the 6 year old to be frustrated.

Where to buy: 

You can find Mario Party 9 at retailers nationwide!



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