Boba Carrier {Review & Giveaway}

Recently my family went on a trip to Durango, Colorado. We rode the Durango Silverton narrow gauge railroad, walked around the historic district, checked out a classic car show, ate at some local breweries and explored the banks of the Animas River, all without a stroller for our 8 month old son.  Instead we brought our Boba carrier and enjoyed the freedom of not having to lug around a heavy and cumbersome stroller everywhere we went.

This was our first big excursion with the Boba and my husband and I were both very impressed with the Boba carrier’s features and quality. They paid attention to every detail when designing this carrier.  I love the sliding chest clip and that the straps are designed to adjust quickly and easily. Being able to adjust the carrier’s straps quickly and with ease is great. My husband and I are very different sizes and when we are taking turns wearing our son it is necessary to be able to adjust the carrier quickly. The Boba carrier was also a great place for our son to nap while we were out running around. The sleeping hood was easy to get out and the snaps to hold the hood in place were easy to reach unlike other
carriers we have tried. My husband and I both really liked that this carrier has pockets sized perfectly to hold your cell phone , bank card and cash . I love not having to carry a purse when I babywear!  However, the Boba carrier does have these nifty purse straps to keep your purse or diaper bag from falling off your shoulder if you do need to bring one along. They really did think of everything when designing this carrier!

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  1. Molly Groman says

    I have met physicians who advise against these Boba Bags, they say it is bad for the kid’s legs. I carry the kids in the lap, I have never used them. What do you think?

      • Heather Hughes says

        It’s not the Boba’s and Ergo’s that are bad for baby legs, its the Bjorns and Snuglis. The “Crotch danglers” where all the pressure is put on the babies hips.

    • Magen says

      I believe the ones that people advise against are carriers that are designed more like the Baby Bjorn. If you notice, in the Boba, the baby’s legs are more spread out, with their bottom taking the brunt of the weight, almost like they are simply sitting down in it. In carriers similar to the Baby Bjorn, they are dangling their legs, hanging from their crotch. I’m not sure if these types are carriers are “bad” either, but the theory is that carriers like the Boba are better for baby’s legs and hips than the other “crotch danglers.”

  2. Amber Ripoll says

    The Boba carrier is not like the older style baby carriers which dangle the baby from their crotch. The “crotch dangler” carriers can cause problems to a baby’s hips and put pressure on their spine. The Boba carrier puts your baby in a natural sitting position which is safe.

  3. Becky says

    Bobas position the hips/legs/spine correctly (knees above bum height) and ergonomically when worn correctly (NOT with the child forward-facing out - ). What you are thinking of is carriers like Bjorns and Snugglis, which are not safe for babe’s hips and are not healthy for the wearer’s back, either. They do not provide a wide enough seat.

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