Quick and easy fix for stains on your furniture!

I keep a Tide To Go pen around the house all the time.  It works great to take stains out of shirts as my husband is walking out of the house or when I see my daughter eating as we are getting ready to leave.  There is always a shirt that needs a quick pick-me-up…..but what about when the kids drop food on the furniture.  Luckily we don’t have cloth seats at our dinner table, because they would be GROSS….my kids spill everything.  I am forever finding marks on our couches and chairs that they left behind.

The quick and easy way to clean them is to use that same Tide To Go pen.  It’s super easy and works wonders!  Just clean the stain on your furniture as you would your shirt or pants and the stain will disappear.

It’s a simple solution that is easily overlooked…..so go try it!  You’ll be surprised!


  1. Melinda Dartmann says

    I’ve never tried it on furniture, I guess now that I know someone else has tried it successfully, that I will now LOL I was always afraid to try it. Thanks!

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