Water Pik, because brushing alone is not enough #CompleteCare

A healthy smile is so important.  I can’t stress that enough!  Keeping your teeth sparkling clean is the best way to have a smile that no one can forget!  Every time I go to the dentist (or I take the kids to the dentist) we are told about the importance of flossing.  It’s hard to get myself to floss daily and even more difficult to make my kids do it!  We have to be creative to keep the entire house flossing…..then we heard about Water Pik!  What a fun way to floss…with water!  I don’t have to worry about pressing too hard and making my gums bleed, and I feel like the Waterpik does a better job than I ever did with traditional floss!

Simply brushing your teeth is not enough to get them clean.  There are so many teeny places that  a brush can not reach.   Water Pik has a new product to really help with your oral health, their Complete Care Water Flosser system includes a Sonic Toothbrush and Water Flosser.  Using this system daily, you can easily reach all the areas of your mouth.  This system is up to 159% more effective compared to manual brushing!  Imagine how much gunk your keeping between your teeth when you only brush!

The Water Pik isn’t only for adults anymore!  They have a Water Flosser for kids!  Besides looking really cool and having stickers to decorate it, the Water Flosser is up to 3x as effective as flossing.  It is so much more fun, too!  As soon as I opened the box, my kids wanted to start putting stickers and try it out!  I couldn’t get upstairs quick enough!

The sooner I can get them in the habit of flossing daily, I hope they will continue have good oral health as they grow.  If you start a habit as a child, you don’t think about it as an adult.  Wash your face, brush your teeth and FLOSS.

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