A night out with Net10 Wireless #levantanteun10


We surprised the boys with tickets to the first University of New Mexico’s home football game of the year.  They were super excited and got all decked out in our cherry red.  Our oldest LOVES football and has been asking to go to a game for a long time.  We figured it was time to surprise him.  Before we left the house we told him to be sure to bring his new Net10 Wireless Optimus so he could take pictures and share them.  He hasn’t done much as far as social media, so this was all new to him.  With his phone in his pocket we decided to head out to the game!

We stopped to grab a bite to eat before heading out to the game. Rob wasn’t sure how to do much of the social media stuff with his phone so I was able to show him how to download FourSquare and check in.  He used my account of course because I don’t know that I want my 11 year old with an account just yet…..but he gets the idea and thought it was pretty neat.


We headed over to the stadium and it was time for some football!  Rob spent a lot of time with his phone out taking pictures.  He was checking out my Instagram and Twitter to see how they worked.  The service on the Net10 Wireless phone has been fabulous. No dropped calls or anything.  Good thing they use the best GSM networks.


He loves being able to take pictures everywhere he goes and show his friends.  It didn’t take long and 6 year old Diego was tired and bored.  Rob was nice enough to hand his phone over and let Diego play some games to pass the time.

It really helped to keep him occupied for a while, until Rob couldn’t handle it anymore and asked for it back so he could take pictures.   He really enjoys having a phone for himself now.  He can have his friends call him directly, he can check his football scores constantly (seriously, he’s obsessed) and when we allow him to start his own social media accounts, he can keep up with his friends.  I don’t have to worry about my phone ringing constantly with calls for him.  The best part?  I don’t have to worry about overage or hidden fees.  We already know what it is going to cost, so it is very easy to manage and budget for.   I know to put away $50/month for his plan and that’s it.  If we had to pay for data overage, forget it, I’d be broke!  Why would anyone not be a on a Net10 plan?  You are using the same networks, but saving so much money!

By the way…..Lobos won!  66-21!  Hoooowwwwwllllll!  I think it was because we were there, because this past weekend they lost, badly.  At least they won at home for their opener.

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