Is biting your lip really sexy?!?!

I read on Mom Dot about how biting your lip isn’t really all that sexy.  I was laughing when I read the article because I have heard so many men comment that biting your lip is super hot.  Really?  Why?!

I must admit that I haven’t read 50 Shades of Grey yet….I know, I know!  I must read it soon!  But, as Mom Dot states, it is said over and over about her biting her lip drove Christian crazy.  Hmmmmm…why? After Mom Dot posted some pictures of her biting her lip, she asked other bloggers to try it and see if it is really as sexy as the book portrays.  I don’t think I’m good at it……but I tried…… Biting your lip isn’t sexy…..I tried duck lips, those aren’t sexy either…..well, I tried!  Mr. Grey, you are off your rocker!

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!   Then head over to Mom Dot and visit the other uuummmm sexy lip biters and let them know what you think!


  1. Betty Baez says

    Hahaha! I haven’t read them either and not planning on it I heard that its very poorly written at a middle school level, to each their own

  2. Crystal says

    I didn’t even realize that it was a ‘fact’ that guys like that hmmm..maybe my nervous habit isn’t so bad haha! And i think your duck lips are cute (:

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