Activewear for women, even if you aren’t all that active!

Shirt: Ideology from Macy’s  

Pants: Jeggings from Joppa  

Necklace: DIY

I don’t like dressing like a “mom” but I want to be comfortable.  I work from home, I chase after kids, I clean the house, I need to be comfortable, but I also want to dress in trendy clothes.  You won’t catch me in “mom jeans” or anything like that.  What I have found that you can buy comfortable activewear for women and still dress really cute.

This outfit is a perfect example.  The shirt is by Ideology, a three-quarter sleeve top with dolman or batwing styling.  I have learned that the batwing-sleeve is my absolute favorite right now!  I have several shirts with this styling and have fallen in love.  It is very trendy looking and incredibly comfortable.

I paired my shirt with a pair of jeggings, although they can easily be paired with yoga pants or jeans.  Because this shirt is very sheer, I put a tank top under that matches in color.  You can’t really tell it is there, but keeps you from seeing through.   I simply wore a pair of flats and this outfit is perfect for a day of shopping, cleaning around the house or whatever.  Adding a cute necklace helps to dress it up a bit, but you could easily through this top over your clothes when you leave the gym.  I will probably pair this with jeans when I need to be out and about around town, but I do love my jeggings.  The look of jeans, but the feel of leggings, you can’t get any better than that!

Top: Style&co. Cowl Neck Sweatshirt P

ants: Jeggings Joppa

Shoes: Flats from Target

I love nice warm sweatshirt during the winter, but I don’t want to look like I’m wearing a sweat shirt.  I want to be fashionable, not frumpy.  I used to wear sweatshirts constantly, but after realizing that I was dressing like a “mom” I found I wanted to put a fashionable spin on the every day sweatshirt…there has to be a way, right?

The Style&co. Cowl-Neck Sweatshirt is PERFECT for this fall/winter!  It feels like a sweatshirt, but looks SO cute!  I belted it with a random black belt I had at my house because I didn’t want it to be quite so boxy, but it can easily be worn without the belt.  I am just thin, so  I need the definition.  If it had more curves I’m sure it wouldn’t be needed at all.  LOL!

The cowl neck really makes this sweatshirt stand out.  It’s really comfortable, but cute enough to wear nearly anywhere.  There are also buttons on the bottom side of this shirt, which I forgot to get in my angle..sorry about that.  Three buttons down the side really add that little extra to it, making it much more than just a sweatshirt, but just as comfy.

I paired mine with my jeggings, although tights would be perfect.  I thought flats would be a great pairing as well.  They are simple, yet very cute.

Top: Style&co Three Quarter Sleeve Layered Henley in Passion Flower

Pants: Paper Denim & Cloth

Necklace: Bar Collection London Manori

This what I consider more of a “mom” shirt for me.  It’s comfortable for around the house, not too flashy.  The Style&co. Three Quarter Sleeve Layered Henley was available in Passion Flower (shown), Polished Teal, Heather Grey and Black.  I think I was in a purple mood when I ordered my clothes that day. Everything ended up purple….but I love the color!

I love how I look like I’m wearing layers, without the layers.  Although it is fall, it’s still very warm in New Mexico.  I love the look of layers, but sometimes it is just far too hot to wear more than one shirt.

I must admit, a Henley has been one of my favorites for quite some time.  It may not be fashionista level, but it’s comfy and classic.  Easy to pair with some jeans or even leggings/jeggings.  It is very versatile to match with anything you want to wear.

When I worked outside the home, I would wear a Henley on casual Friday or on the weekends.  It looks nicer than a t-shirt, but isn’t as formal as a polo shirt.

I really like the three-quarter sleeves on this shirt because I do have long arms….so everything is already short for me.  This fit perfectly and it was long enough that it covered the top of my pants.

All of these tops were bought in the active wear section, but don’t look like active wear.  They don’t look like clothes you would work out in, but they just as comfortable.  Think outside the box.  You can still shop for the comfy clothes and look like you are well put together and ready to take on the world!

Thank you to GigaSavvy for collaborating for this review.  


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