Are they slippers or shoes?!

Hey Dude Shoes

I love wearing my wedges, boots and heels when I have places to go, but there are days where I will be home all day and would really just like to have a pair of comfy shoes I can slip into.  This is where the amazing shoes from Hey Dude Shoes comes into play!  I found their site and thought the shoes looked comfortable.

I ordered a pair of grey Vittoria shoes to check out. When they arrived I was really surprised at how light they were.  They hardly feel like anything.  Immediately I took off my boots and threw on the Vittorias.  They were so comfy!  It felt like I was wearing slippers but I could actually wear these out of the house!

They just slip on, so I didn’t have to worry about laces to tie.  They have laces that can be added, which I did, but I just tucked them in.  I like the look of the laces, but hate having to tie them.

Since they were delivered, I have worn them every day.  They are super comfy and light on my feet.  Seriously, I feel like I’m wearing slippers.  Although I do normally love a pair of wedges or the like, I am really enjoying the comfort of these cute shoes.

Shoe Specs

  • Flex & Fold Technology
  • Slip On or Lace Up Option
  • Suede Topped Insole
  • 12.5 oz canvas
  • 4.25 Ounce Total Weight
  • Only Shipping Within the USA
  • Price: $40

Hey Dude Shoes also offers mens varieties.  My husband is a strong supporter of his running shoes that that is ALL he wears, so I didn’t think the would even look twice at the shoes.  When I was reviewing the site, he saw a pair of the Gus and says he really liked them.  Really?!  Wow, I had no idea!  He will normally only wear running shoes, so it was really surprising, but welcomed!

Wanna buy a pair for yourself? 

You can purchase Hey Dude shoes via their Website and at select retailers.

Be sure to connect with them on Facebook and Twitter for the latest product info!


Wanna win a pair?!? 

I will be giving a pair away VERY SOON in the Fall Fashionista Event!  Keep your eyes open!!


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    I have never heard of these, but Oh these look so comfy! I love wearing my slippers…so that is neat that they are that comfortable yet you can wear them out! These look like something I would wear for sure! :)

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