belVita are perfect for breakfast…now new flavors!

My house in the mornings is cRaZy.  I mean, crazy!  We have my husband that leaves first, then my oldest son and after he leaves I get the youngest two up to get ready for school.  Somehow in this time I have to figure out how to get ready myself.  Although I wish I could cook a big, nice breakfast in the morning, I just can’t do it.  We go for quick and easy foods, although I hate for those foods to be junk foods.  belVita is a great source of nutrition, while still being quick and easy!

We started eating belVita a few months back and fell in love.  Then we found out they were coming out with two new flavors and I was SO excited!  Chocolate and Cinnamon Brown Sugar!  WOAH!   Delicious, right?!  Sounded like it to me!  When I put the boxes on the island in our kitchen, the kids came home and immediately started begging to open them.


My kids think these are great for breakfast with some yogurt or they will just pick up a pack to eat a snack.  I’d much rather them eat some of these than some cookies!  Even my husband keeps a box in his desk for days when he gets tied up and can’t eat like he is supposed to.  Being diabetic he has to really keep up on his health and can’t go without eating.  Keeping a box of belVita in his desk has been a great way for me to make sure he isn’t eating a bag of chips or some other vending machine junk when he has to take a late lunch.

What are belVita Breakfast Biscuits?

belVita Breakfast Biscuits are amazing little biscuits, although they look like little cookies.  They are designed to release energy regularly to help fuel your body.  Each package has four biscuits, which contain 18-20g of whole grains!  They are also a good source of fiber.  Did I mention they are awesome because they don’t contain high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils or artificial flavors/sweeteners.  Yep, they are wholesome, healthy and delicious.  The belVita Breakfast Biscuits can be eaten to complete a well-balanced breakfast by eating with a piece of fruit and serving of dairy.  This is really easy if you eat, say a banana and some yogurt.  Simple, right?!

Where to buy: 

You can pick up a box of belVita at grocery stores nationwide!

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