Frankenstein Foods

Image Credit: Bird on a Cake

I’ve decided that I love Frankenstein.  He’s my addiction for Halloween this year.  I had to find some fun foods I could make up for the kids. Lucky for me, Frankenstein isn’t very difficult to create.  He’s boxy, so there isn’t a lot to have to try to figure out.  Here are some of my favorite Frankensteins from around the web!

Frankenstein Cookies

Image Credit: Bees Knees Creative

These Frankenstein cookies look too good to eat!  If I could make cookies this gorgeous I would want to put them on display and never let the kids touch them!

Frankenstein Pops

Image Credit: Craft-o-Maniac

I love foods on a stick.  I try to make cake pops and fail miserably..I don’t know why, but they always fall off the stick!  These Frankenstein pops are right up my alley though!  They aren’t cake but large marshmallows!  How simple, how delicious!

Frankenstein Cookies

Image Credit: Bake at 350

These cookies seem a little more of what I could do, although I think I would fail miserably!  While I love baking and would love to have some uber cute Frankenstein cookies like these, mine would probably look like a blob.

Frankenstein Cupcake

Image Credit: Hoopla Palooza

I really love these Frankenstein Candy Cups!  You’d think it’s a cupcake…but it’s NOT!  The bottom and top are hardened candy and they are filled with candy pieces!  So awesome!

Frankenstein Cupcakes

Image Credit: Designs by Megan Turnidge

I actually am pretty good at making cupcakes in ice cream cones…so I think I could totally make these!  What a cute idea to put the Frankenstein face on the outside of the cone!

Frankenstein Tic Tacs

Image Credit: Jac o’ lyn Murphy

Okay, these are pretty cute.  My kids LOVE Tic Tacs as it is, but if I put Frankenstein faces on them…O M G they wouldn’t last the day!  Super cute idea!

Frankenstein Caramel Apple

Image Credit: Blue Skies Ahead

I am so in love with this caramel apple!  I found this really awesome caramel apple dip at Walmart the other day that would be PERFECT to create this cute Frankenstein Caramel Apple!  I love the hair with mini chocolate chips!

Frankenstein Halloween Pudding Cups

Image Credit: a Turtle’s Life For Me

This is a super easy snack the kids would love!  Pudding is easy, inexpensive and it can be dyed any color with a little food coloring!

Frankenstein Rice Crispy Crispie Krispie treats

Image Credit: Grumpys Honey Bunch

I make Rice Crispie Treats for the kids whenever I can.  I looove marshmallow!  These are really easy to make and I think perfect for upcoming Halloween parties and get togethers!


  1. Cynthia C says

    Great ideas for Halloween! It would be fun to serve these at a Frankenstein party and show the original movie.


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