Hot Pink Heels?! Yes, please!

Dress: Bebe

Shoes: OASAP

Hot pink is one of my favorite colors, like you couldn’t tell by the colors of my blog!  I was searching for the next item(s) I wanted to purchase from OASAP and of course was searching shoes.  I love shoes.  When I found these pink heels, I HAD to have them.  I stalked my mailbox every day until they showed up because I was SO excited.

I picked out the Elegant Round-toe Pumps with Double Straps in peach.  I wasn’t sure if peach was the correct color based on the picture.  When I think of peach, I think of a light orange-ish color.  These looked fushia in the picture.  The color options I had were black, grey, peach or red.  I knew they weren’t red, so had to go with peach.  I figured even if they were a lighter pink than the picture, they would still be really cute.  When I received the box I was so excited to see the bright pink color I was hoping for!

 Could they be ANY cuter?!!?!

I couldn’t wait to get them on but wasn’t sure what to wear with them.  I asked on my Facebook page and I was told to try a black dress then a polka dot dress.  Good thing I have both!  I decided I would take pictures in both.  Above you can see the black dress.  I’ve been holding onto this dress f-o-r-e-v-e-r and never had a place to wear it.  The dress is by Bebe and now that I’ve put it on…it is my absolute FAVORITE!  Now I need to find a place to wear it!


I also tried on the polka dot dress.  This is another dress that I had never even tried on.  It has been hanging in my closet for months and months after a friend sent it to me.  I paired the dress with a hot pink necklace and I think it came together nicely.  Although I don’t love the dress as much as my black Bebe dress, it is cute and makes my adorable pink heels really stand out.

Which dress do you like better? 

My husband loved when I came downstairs in the polka dot dress, but after I tried on the black Bebe dress…I think that’s his favorite.  That’s what I got from his reactions at least.

I think I could pair these shoes with a lot of different things.  A pair of tighter black pants and a top would be just as cute as the dress.

There are several things about these shoes that surprised me and made me love them that much more.

First, the straps are really neat.  They have buckles on them, but then have little connectors that you just slide them through when you put them on your feet.  I hate having to buckle my shoes once they are on, so this option is PERFECT for me.  Plus, the connector is on a little bit of elastic, so they are super easy to slip into/out of.

Secondly, I love that they came with extra padding for the ball of your foot!  It just slips in and makes the shoes really comfy to wear.  I think they were thinking I need to wear these shoes out dancing…I know that was their intentions when they sent them to me!  Don’t you agree?

The shoes are available in sizes Women’s 4-8.  That’s a great thing for those with smaller feet…and I’m sorry for those with feet over size 8 (which is quite a few people!).  So sorry for those that can’t fit into these shoes!  Maybe they are just out of stock?  No idea!

Product details: 

  • Heel height: 9cm  or ~3.5 inches
  • Platform height: 1.5cm or ~0.6 inches (hardly any)
  • Color: grey,red,peach,black
  • Fabric: PU/rubber
  • Cost: $37.00

Where to buy: 

You can pick up these cute Elegant Round-toe Pumps on the OASAP website.



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      The shoes are amazing! They are true-to-fit too! I was worried they would be off since I ordered my exact size…but the 7.5 fit just like a 7.5 should! 😉

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