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Events/Work + Cute Shoes = Sore Feet

I hate when I’m at an event and my feet are just killing me.  This just happened earlier this week.  I wore my super cute pink heels to a networking event we threw for the ABQ West Chamber of Commerce.  Half way through the night my feet were aching soooo bad.

What could I do? 

I sat down here and there, but my feet just ached.  I wish I would have had these super awesome kushyfoot Lace Foot Covers on.  The first picture shows you how cute they are.  They are all lace and the edge shows through on most dressy shoes.  The second picture shoes you the bottom.  See that little cushion part?  It’s like a pillow for your feet!  Not only are they super cute, but they are practical as well.  They make wearing your shoes that much more comfy!

There are some days where even the padding on the Lace Foot Covers won’t help.  On those days, kooshyfoot has these awesome Flats to Go!  The bottom of these sandals reminds me of craft foam.  They fold really easily and you could easily slip them into your purse or clutch for a quick relief.  I wouldn’t wear them for an extended amount of time, but they would be great for that last hour of your party or whatever when you just handle those heels any longer.

Where to buy: 

You can order online via the kushyfoot website and select retailers nationwide!


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