Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

If you remember last year, I created a fun Christmas Advent Calendar using foam board, letting the kids open a cup each day to reveal their surprises.  This year I wanted to make something that would be really cute to have on display, but still allow my kids the excitement of getting a little surprise each day.  That is why I created the Christmas Tree Advent Calendar above.  It is super easy, even the kids can help!


Scrapbook Paper (You can use plain colors or various prints, as I did)

Glue Stick


Sharpie (I used Silver because I think the metallic looks awesome)


24 Small gifts or pieces of candy

Optional: 1 inch + hole punch, if not you will need to cut little circles by hand


  1. Using your template, cut 24 pieces.  You can cut them different sizes and patterns, if you’d like.
  2. Using your glue stick, put a line of glue down one edge of your paper.
  3. Bring the paper together to form a cone, holding a few seconds until the glue holds.
  4. Using your hole punch (if you have one) cut 24 circles to put your numbers on your “trees”.
  5. Number each circle 1 through 24 using your Sharpie.
  6. Glue a circle onto each “tree”.  I made use to vary the patterns and sizes each day.
  7. Display your “trees”, placing a small toy or piece of candy under each one.  If you want to go above and beyond, you can wrap each toy/candy with tissue paper for your child to unwrap.
  8. Each day, beginning December 1, allow your child to find the correct day and lift the tree to see what surprise they get!

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