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I love living in an area that is so culturally rich.  New Mexico is nearly 50% Latino, meaning that much of culture is celebrated, much as it would be in Mexico.  We have celebrations that you wouldn’t normally see throughout the United States.  It gives us a lot of fun ways to celebrate our heritage, our culture.  The food, the music, the celebrations.  It is important to me that my children grow up learning about all of the things that make being Mexican so special.

Most recently I took my daughter to a parade to celebrate Dia de los Muertos.  She recognized the sugar skull, but hadn’t really understood what it was about.  This was a great time to explain the holiday, what it meant and why it was celebrated.  The two of us went together to the parade, watched all of the floats and then discussed why the holiday is so important.

san felipe fiestasOver the summer we attended several of the church Fiestas that included lots of local musicians, complete with Traditional Spanish music.  The kids love watching everyone dance (I can hardly get them on the dance floor, but I try!).  It was so much fun listening to the music and watching everyone get up dance.  My favorite are all the little couples that get up and really get down to the music.  Tanya Griego, Gonzalo, Antonio Reyna, Ana Maria…the list goes on and on.  It is so amazing to see all of the local talent keeping the Spanish music alive.

There are so many ways to get the children involved in our community and a part of our amazing heritage.  We are lucky to be in an area that is so rich in culture and have so many opportunities available to us.

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LATISM has partnered with the Immigrant Archive Project and created Generación América, an empowerment platform to help collect and preserve our heritage.  By keeping our stories and journeys alive for our children, our children’s children will be able to learn and celebrate for all future generations.

Join us on Monday, November 19 for a special Twitter party to learn more about Generación América, and tell us your story!


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