Holiday season in the Ninja household

The holiday season is all about family, regardless of which religion you are, or aren’t.  Family should be the first thing we think of when you think of the holidays.  The ninja house is no different.  From Thanksgiving to New Years…actually the day after New Years because it is my father’s birthday….we are thinking about our family and being closer to them.

During the weeks leading up to Christmas, we have our own little traditions that we do every year.  Some aren’t big and some are just for fun.  For example….we had issues with the kids counting presents, comparing presents sizes, etc.  We created a new tradition that has actually become a lot of fun.  Instead of putting names on the presents, we do something else.  One year we put a number on each one, each child being given a number, however they didn’t know which was which.  When they looked at the packages they saw 1, 2, 3 but wasn’t sure who was who.  When it was time to open presents, they didn’t have time to compare and see who had bigger packages or whatever.  It saved us a lot of stress and was fun to watch the kids trying to figure out who was who.  This year the numbers were bigger and no two numbers matched.  I’d love to share exactly how we assigned numbers, but I think the kids might find this blog post and I want to use it again next year.  😉

We do the normal setting cookies and milk out for Santa and this year throughout the month of December had a visit from an elf.  That was the most fun and I can’t wait for Tucker to visit us again next year!  It was so much fun seeing the kids get up each morning to see what that mischievous little elf did while they were asleep!

New Years Eve is always spent as a family.  The kids get excited to stay up and count down the new year that is beginning.  It is also the birthday of my Great Great Grandmother who passed away several years ago.  While we are excited for a new year, it always makes me think back to her and how much I miss having her to talk to.  Even though it’s been years, when I’m having a rough day, I still try to pick up the phone to call her.  Strange how time doesn’t change that feeling of comfort you can get someone.

Regardless of what we are doing during this time of year, we do it as a family and try to see as much of the extended family as possible.  The cousins that you haven’t been able to talk to all year, the aunts and uncles that are busy with work and finally have time to relax and catch up. These are the things that are most important during the holiday season.  These are the things that mean the most and will stay a memory forever.




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