How to decode Target Clearance


Every time I walk through Target, I stay on the back aisles.  I make sure to check each aisle and rack for clearance because you never know what you will find for a great deal.  I recently changed the way I look at clearance items though, because I learned how to read them!

Look at the tag above.  That’s from a shirt I bought today.  Normally $22.99, now $11.48.  Now I’m horrible at math, but know this is half off because of the little number at the top…see that little 50 in the corner?  That means 50% off!  It will either say 30, 50, 70, holiday stuff even 90!


This tag was from a cute pair of pants I picked up.  Normally $24.99, now $7.48. Just looking at that, I’d have no idea how much off that was, but I know from that number in the corner it’s 70% off!  Awesome deal, right?

Clearance will start around 20-30% off, but normally go no further than about 70%.  The exception to that rule is holiday items that normally can go as far as 90% off.  When you are looking at furniture and things and see they are 20-30% off, pick them up if you want them because they normally sell quickly and are hardly marked down any further than that.

Now, I have heard about the ending number being a reflection on if it will be marked down further or not.   If the ending number in the price is a 4, that should be the lowest it will go.  I guess I could have waited to save a little more on my shirt and pants, but I’m pretty happy with my savings regardless.  Being a size small, it’s hard to find clearance in my size…especially 70% off!

Hopefully this helps you understand the mark downs a little more and for those of us that are a little mathematically challenged, we can easily see how much we are saving!  :)


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