How to dye suede shoes

DSC03320I bought these super cute boots at Goodwill the other day for $10!  They were brand new from Target, still had the tags on them!  (side note, my Goodwill puts out Target clearance twice a week…you can find the BEST stuff!)  Anyway, the color was a little off to match most anything I normally wear.  I love the style but the color just didn’t work for me.  I figured out that it was super easy to dye them!  So off I went to Walmart to get the dye!

What you need: 

  • RIT Dye, the liquid in a bottle
  • A rag you won’t care about seeing ever again
  • GLOVES..I learned the hard way and now have black fingers
  • Suede shoes you want to transform

What to do: 

All you do is put a little dye on the rag and dot it onto your suede.  It is so easy to just dot, dot, dot away.  Pay close attention to any folds in the fabric to ensure you cover all parts equally.  Allow the shoes to dry and if needed, apply a second coat of dye.  You can continue to do that until you get the color you want.  That’s it.  You might want to spray them with a suede protectant after that to help seal in and keep any from rubbing off on your pants.



  1. michelle says

    I’m so glad you posted this!! I think I just ruined my favorite pair of sueded Rocket Dog boots, and figure, what the heck.. might as well try this on them! My question is.. how do they stand up to being in the rain?

    • says

      I haven’t wore mine in the rain yet… doesn’t rain much in NM, BUT they’ve done well in the sand and stuff. Every so often you an go over it with another coat of the dye. It’s super easy!

  2. sheila meadows says

    Thanks, I have an expensive pair of red suede shoes but got marks on the outside so now I can dye them. They were very expensive and I just love them, so comfortable and good looking.

    • says

      The suede feels exactly the same as it did before I dyed it. I haven’t had any issues and it’s been months. I wore them many times since they were dyed and no issues what-so-ever. :)

  3. Rell says

    I just got some of that dye to put on my black suede Jordan’s, so ima give it a try and let you all know if it reallllllly works.

    • Rell says

      It wooooooooooorrrrked, it didn’t mess up the material, my shoes look brand new. For the best results though, I would use cotton balls to to the dye on instead of an old cloth

  4. Tess says

    Craptastic! I already have mine SOAKING in the dye bath (my 4yo wanted blue Merrells instead of taupe). Any hope at all that these will turn out???

    • says

      I’m not sure how soaking them will do. It will also make the inside that color and then will end up dying your feet when they are worn. Be sure to wear socks you dont’ care about ruining…just in case!

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