Mean Bao ~ They make mean bread!


I was setting up a meeting with Howie from Yelp and he suggested we meet at Mean Bao in Nob Hill.  I hadn’t ever been, so I had no idea what to expect.  Was it a coffee shop?  Was it food?  What was it?!?!  I checked Yelp and it said a bakery.  Hhmmm, okay.

When I entered, I loved the contrast of the black and orange throughout the entire store.  It was bright, trendy and I had a feeling it was going to be expensive.  I was wrong.  Most of the foods they had were $1-$2, much cheaper than I’m used to at the coffee shops and things where I normally buy little baked goods during meetings.


I wasn’t sure what to pick, so the woman helping suggested a few things and told me the Bolo Bao was the most popular.  Cream filled and there is this thing that tastes like a sugar cookie on top.  Sounds good, let’s try it.

It was amazing!  The dough was soft and filled with a cream…but the top had a soft sugar cookie type taste to it.  Oh my!  This could be dangerous!  Now, the entire Bolo Bao was a little big for me, because I don’t normally eat that much sweet at one time, but the taste was outstanding.  I only paid $3 for the Bolo Bao and a IZZE (which I feel in love with).  That’s much cheaper than the bigger, chain places I normally end up at.

The entire store is spacious and comfortable.  The staff is friendly and overall I give it two thumbs up.  Kudos to Yelp for the suggestion!

Connect with Mean Bao for deals and specials: 

Website | Yelp | Twitter | Facebook

3409 Central Ave. NE Albuquerque, NM 87106

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