Room for junk in the trunk ~ the TRUE test #LAASGM #LAAS

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to check out the LA Auto Show.  You will see my full write up over at Sassy Mama in LA, stay tuned!

The first day I was there, we were taken to see some of the 2014 vehicles, including the Spark EV, Sonic and (my favorite) the Impala!  People were inside getting a “tour” of the car features, so I stayed out to let them have their tour.  This took to me look around the outside of this gorgeous car.  I walked to the back to look in the trunk.  Trunk space is a huge deal for moms.  It can make or break a car.  I never realized the importance until I had my Kia Sedona.  I have NO room in the back.  I have a big ‘ol van and no room for my groceries.  It’s insane.

Looking in the trunk I was floored.  It was HUGE.  I mean, huge!  You could fit a stroller, groceries and backpacks in there!  I was so impressed.  Sarah from MomsLA walked up and I showed her, saying it was big enough to lay down in.  She told me to hop in….so I did!

I could seriously fit about 4 of me in that trunk! I was HUGE!  I was so surprised.

Well, this made me wonder…how is the trunk space in the other GM cars.  I had to find out!  I tried them all…from Corvette (Yep, I went there) to the Volt to the Cruze.

The Chevrolet Sonic was a little bit of a tight squeeze.  There was about as much room as my van….this is a smaller car though, so it’s expected.  This wouldn’t work for my family of 5, maybe for my husband to drive to/from work.  One thing about this trunk, the floor is movable.  You can lower from where it is in this pic a few inches, or you move it out of the way to behind the seats.  That’s a pretty cool feature!

chevrolet spark

The Chevrolet Spark was SO small in the back.  This is a really small car, so I wouldn’t expect to have much more space than this.  I was holding up the cover in this picture because it was hitting me…I was really squeezed in there.

This was a really cool trunk to try out!  The Hot Wheels Camaro!!!  I was even on a Hot Wheels track!  Do you see the orange track?!?  How cool is that?!?! It was a little tight….but I mean, it’s a sports car.  You aren’t exactly buying this vehicle to put a stroller in the back!

The Chevrolet Cruze was spacious enough.  It’s no where near the space of the Impala, but it is roomy enough.  I had room to stretch out.

There was enough room in the trunk of the Chevrolet Malibu.  I had leg room back there (Is that really necessary?  Who needs leg room in the trunk, besides me?)

The Chevrolet Volt was suprisingly spacious in the trunk.  It’s a small car, but has quite a bit of space to store things.

chevrolet corvette

This was the surprise of the day.  I didn’t think there was any room in the trunk…or that there was even a trunk at all.  The Chevrolet Corvette has a decent sized trunk of the vehicle it is!  You could fit a few bags of groceries in the back….does anyone drive a Corvette to the grocery store?!

So there you go!  The trunk space of all of these new Chevrolet cars!  Biggest, by far, is the Impala and the smallest is, no surprise, the Spark.   If you were curious at all, now you can gauge just how much will fit in the back of each of these.

Now, back I go to drool over my beloved Impala…..(Can you say obsessed?  Yeah, I know…everyone at GM also knows I’m obsessed with that car!)

See, I know how to sit in the drivers seat as well……NEED this Impala!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I was provided a trip to the LA Auto Show to share my thoughts and opinions on the vehicles.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.  


  1. says

    It’s funny to be able to compare the sizes based on how they look compared to a person, haha. Big trunks are so nice and convenient, especially if you regularly fill all of the seats in your vehicles with people.

    • says

      You wouldn’t get your pregnant belly in and out of trunks? LOL Just kidding…it started as a hey, wanna do it and turned into a..hey, there is a huge difference, let’s really check it out and see how different the trunk space is! :)

  2. Teresha F says

    They should hire you as a show model! Trunk size is important when you are hauling groceries, bicycles and other kid gear, but mama wants a Corvette!

  3. says

    This is the most fun car show review I’ve ever seen! I love that you judged trunk space by how well you fit in!! It actually puts really good perspective on it, because in photos it’s always hard to tell how big the trunk is (I like bigger trunks too), and measurements in brochures are pretty much meaningless to me. Would it be weird to come up with a rating system that’s “bodies” for trunks? Probably…

    • says

      Thanks Shelley! It was fun checking them out and I actually learned a lot. I had no idea the corvette even had a trunk and it was pretty big! :)

  4. says

    It reminds me a movie where the mob was selling cars and telling people – see this is awesome – you can fit 5 bodies in a trunk. Totally random… Great experience

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