Bacon Rose Tutorial


Last year I surprised my husband with a Valentine’s gift that is still getting talked about….BACON ROSES.  They are actually very easy to make, taste delicious and smell even better! What could be better than a bacon rose?  Who needs red roses that die when you can have yummy bacon?  Bacon makes EVERYTHING better!

Here’s how to make them:


  • Muffin tin with holes in the bottom (see instructions below)
  • Drill to make holes
  • Broiler pan
  • Fake roses (as long as the leaves look good, it doesn’t matter how cheesy the roses look)
  • Bacon (get from the butcher, you want the thick stuff)
  • Vase or whatever else you’d like to put your bouquet in.  I used a vase with marbles and some baby’s breath.


Drill a hole in the bottoms of the muffin tin.  When you cook your bacon, you want the grease to drain out through these holes.  They don’t have to be perfect, and just big enough to drain well.  Make sure to wash it well to ensure there aren’t any little pieces of metal that could get into your bacon.   Place your washed muffin tin on top of the broiler pan.  Preheat your oven to 375 degrees.


To prepare your roses, take each piece of bacon and roll from one end to the other.  You want them tight, but not TOO tight.  If they are really tight you will have problems with the bacon cooking all the way through.


Place each bacon rose bud in the muffin tin.  Press each bud slightly to ensure they stay standing up straight.  Place in the oven and bake for 30-40 minutes.  Check them often.  If you notice grease filling the cup, move them slightly to allow the grease to drain.


While the bacon is cooking, remove the fake roses from the stems.  I try to leave the little green party that stays at the base of the roses to help hold up my bacon rose.


When the bacon is done cooking, remove from oven and place on a paper towel to drain off grease and allow to cool.  Once they are fully cooled, put each bacon rose bud onto a rose stem.


Arrange roses in a vase or however you’d like to present them.  I used a vase with glass marbles and baby’s breath.  They were a huge hit!


When I delivered these to his work, the entire office could smell them and kept walking by to see what was going on.  So go impress your husband/boyfriend/Valentine with this really easy, inexpensive gift that they would never expect!





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