I’m a shoe-a-holic…..can’t get enough.

SHERINE_SILVER_B_SIDE-detailI have an addiction to shoes.  I am very lucky that I don’t have credit card (we got rid of all of them years ago to help keep us out of debt) or I’d have so many more pairs of shoes than I would ever need!  I actually buy my shoes in moderation, but it’s been really tough lately.  I’ve been shopping for shoes to go with my dress that I’m wearing the Oz The Great and Powerful world premiere next month.  I have to find the perfect shoes….and they have to sparkle!

When I’m in stores, I find that the shoes I love are really expensive.  It is so frustrating when I find the shoes I want, but they price is out of my range.  I quickly learned I do much better going online and ordering from ShoeDazzle.  I pay just $39.99 and can pick any pair of shoes I’d like.  I don’t have to worry about finding the perfect shoes and then find out it’s double that.  They are all the same price.  Perfect way to fit your shopping into your budget, right?!?

I can get a pair of heels this month, booties next and then get ready for warmer weather and start picking up sandals or other cute little shoes.  Oh my.  There is a lot of choose from……and no worries on the pricing.

They have my sparkly shoes and so many more.  Each month I get an email letting me know that my showcase is ready.  When you sign up, you give your preferences and they use that to pick the shoes that match your style.  You don’t have to pick shoes from your showcase though, you can choose any they have…..but I normally love my showcase.

Have you tried ShoeDazzle?  What other ways do you like to save on feeding your shoe habit?

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