Immunity Increase ~ Skip getting sick!


Over the past few weeks, my entire house has been sick.  My husband had the plague I think.  I made him stay away.  He was stuck on the couch.  Don’t go near the kitchen, stay downstairs and don’t touch anything.  I know the germs were still around, but I tried to keep everyone away as much as possible.

I knew I’d be the  next to get it, if anyone was going to.  I started taking Immunity Increase and guess what?  I never got sick.  For one day I started to get the symptoms, but they went away and I didn’t get sick at all!

Initial thoughts: 

I looked at the package and it’s full of all kinds of healthy.  Yeah, really scientific, right?  Honestly, I had heard of nearly everything in them, but wasn’t 100% sure of what they were.  My mom is really into herbs and natural remedies, so I remember hearing her talk about them.

I opened the bottle and WOAH….the smell was not good….at all.  I was almost scared to try them because of the smell.  Although, as a rule, if something smells bad, it normally works really well.  I had to try them….so here goes nothing…..

I took the pills, and yeah, you can taste them, but they kinda tasted like oregano.  I don’t know, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be from the smell.

After taking it for a few days: 

I had started to feel a little sick early on.  My ears were popping, my head hurt…it was all the symptoms that my husband had when he started to feel sick.  I just KNEW I’d get sick.  Guess what?!?  I didn’t.  My symptoms went away and I felt great.

My son got sick shortly after my husband started feeling better.  Even after caring for him, no symptoms of any illness!  It is like magic!  Okay, not really magic, just super healthy and natural.  I didn’t even get a flu shot.  My husband did!  He got sick, but nope, I took Immunity Increase and was fine!  Ha!


What is Immunity Increase? 

It combines 7 Super Foods and helps to boost your immune system, increase energy and detoxify your body.  Super Foods are whole foods that area not processed, no chemicals, not chemically altered.  They are just whole foods that are easily digestible and nutritious.  Consuming these super foods daily helps to keep your body healthy and healing.

Where to buy: 

You can purchase Immunity Increase via their website.  It is available in monthly, monthly automatic, quarterly automatic or in a 3-month supply.

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    I am amazed that you didn’t get sick. My husband and I were just sick too. It was horrible! I think you might have something here!! Great idea!!

    • says

      I have little sniffles right now..that’s it…and my two sons have bad coughs that won’t go away and my husband had the plague…well I don’t know what it was, but it had him down for a few days. :) Yay for Immunity Increase.

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