Kids that give back….


While driving home from a doctor’s appointment, my daughter and I were talking about her birthday.  Yes, it is about 5 months away (her birthday is in June, but we celebrate in May so her friends from school can come to her party), but I got excited thinking about doing a cake or cupcake decorating party.  So many ideas and so many different things we could do.

Then my daughter surprised me….and almost made me cry. 

She tells me, for my birthday I want to ask everyone to bring canned goods and we can donate them to one of the food pantries.  I asked her what she meant, like did she want them to bring canned goods instead of gifts for her?  She replied, “Yes, I already have a lot of stuff.  All I wanted was an iPod Touch and I have that, so I don’t need anything else.”

Awe, she wants to help the less fortunate. 

So we talked about it some more and she has big ideas for her birthday canned food drive.  She wants to get her class to bring in cans.  She wants to ask neighbors.  She wants to get the entire community involved because “there are always canned food drives during the winter, but what about the summer?”

Very true, very true!  Such a smart little girl I have.  I told her when it gets closer to her birthday I would see what we could do to get as many people involved as possible and we’ll see if we can get a bunch of food to donate.  She said she wants to give the food to St. Felix Pantry here in Rio Rancho, NM.  I told her that was a great choice and I know they would really love to receive the canned goods.

If you follow my blog at all, you know that we have had a lot of issues with Kylie and her behavior.  There are times I feel like I am failing her.  I feel like it’s my fault, mainly because I’ve been told it’s parenting over and over.  When I hear her say things like this, I know I did something right.  I know she cares about people.  I know she wants to help people.  I know her heart is in the right place, even when she is throwing fits and being mean.  Maybe, just maybe, all of the time I’ve put into finding her help is beginning to pay off.



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