Long live skies filled with balloons..and green chile


My name is Amber and I am a New Mexican.   Through and through, this is my home.  I’m proud of it.  We might not be the biggest state or have huge amusement parks, a beach, etc. but we are unique.  Every time I go to a blogger event, I’m normally the only one from New Mexico.  Everyone looks surprised when I tell them where I’m from.  I’ve been asked if I can drink the water or if I had get a passport or whatever.  Calling to place orders in other states, I’ve been asked to pay extra shipping for “International”.


New Mexico is one of the 50 states, promise!  We just had our 101st birthday a few days ago!  Yay!  (Happy Birthday New Mexico!!)  We speak English, although many are bilingual.  Yes, we do have a lot of Mexicans here….shoot I’m here!  😉  We aren’t all illegals.

New Mexicans are proud of our culture.  We are proud of our state.  We are proud of our green chile.  Yes, I know, if you aren’t from here you won’t understand the green chile thing…..but it’s our thing.  We put chile on everything.  My friends from other states don’t understand and roll their eyes when I ask about green chile.

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On my last trip to Los Angeles, I was speaking with other bloggers about Yelp! and I made the comment that a lot of people in New Mexico don’t use Yelp.  His response was that people from New Mexico can’t spell Yelp!

Are you serious?!?!?!

Uuumm, do you realize who you are talking to?  Do you realize that I am from New Mexico?!  Seriously, I had to calm myself down because I wanted to go over the heat and deck him.  (Okay, really had to hold my tongue because I was going to say something really mean…but I didn’t)

Okay, so maybe we don’t have the best public schools.  I made it through one of the lowest ranked schools in the city.  I didn’t have a text book all through high school.  I think I’m doing pretty well for myself though.  School is what you make of it.  Education is what you make of it.  If you go to the best school in the country but don’t pay attention, what good did it do?  We do have Intel here.  We are the original home of Microsoft.  We aren’t all idiots here.  Promise.

Others can judge us.  Others can say our state is boring.  Maybe we aren’t everyone’s cup of tea……but we are who we are.  Take it or leave it.


I couldn’t imagine living somewhere else and not being able to see our gorgeous sunsets, the sky full of balloons every October, the mountains with that little bit of snow just on top so they look like they are sprinkled with sugar.  When I go on trips other places, I don’t know what to do when I can’t order my food with green chile.  When I have had friends that have moved away from the area, they still request green chile each fall.  Our freezers are full of it.  Many of us have an extra freezer just to hold the chile year-round.


 I asked some of my friends what they loved about New Mexico..and here is what they had to say:

Sarah from MomsLA.com : “I love Santa Fe – the color of the sky just seems more beautiful there than other places.”

Tammi from Your Place or Mine Mobile Salon“The fact that it is drier here than most places, we actually enjoy rain and snow, where many would complain about it!”

Sonya from Parga’s Junkyard“We may not have the beach, but we have more sunny days than any other state…and who enjoys the beach when it’s raining anyway? Our history is as steeped in culture and diversity as our land is beautiful. From the reds and purples of the Sandia’s and from the green of the cottonwoods along the Rio Grande, from the browns and golds at San Lorenzo Canyons and the blues of the Elephant Butte Lake to the White Sands Dessert New Mexico is one of the most beautiful places I have seen in the United States…and I have seen most of the U.S.A.!”

Susana from NM Wedding Blog“Only in NM can a burger be eaten in fry bread, a tortilla, or a sopapilla, and of course the standard hamburger bun!”


I couldn’t agree more with ALL of these!  Our climate is unique.  We enjoy the sun and it is exciting when we get rain or snow.  When I lived in Seattle for a short period of time we were miserable with the rain……here we welcome it!  Our skies are the most gorgeous shades of orange, pink and sometimes purple.  The culture here is beyond belief.  Growing up here, I didn’t realize it….but as I travel, I know appreciate my state that much more.  We also have the best food you can find.  We have our own style, kinda Mexican….kinda not.  It’s New Mexican….as Susana said, sometimes we eat our burgers on a bun, sometimes a tortilla or even fry bread.  This is New Mexico.



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    I went to New Mexico last September to spend the day in Carlsbad going to the caverns, from Midland Texas. I absolutely loved the landscape there – and the dryness. I would love to go back and spend more time in the state. I can’t believe people in the same country don’t know New Mexico is a state?! I mean, I live in Canada and I know people don’t know our provinces in the rest of the world, but really . . .and yes, education is definitely what you make it!

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