The Lone Ranger


This summer you will be able to check out one of Disney’s newest movies, The Lone Ranger .  You can see some of the rural areas of my state!  I love when my state is in movies!!!!!

Over the summer I met a little boy that was in the movie. I was talking to his dad about the little boy’s hair, because he wasn’t allowed to cut it.  Ha!  It was back to school time and I never would have thought about that.  There was a lot of buzz around here from everyone excited that Johnny Depp was in the state as well.  I think everyone I knew was hoping they would just “run into him” while they were in Santa Fe or whatever.  Everyone gets pretty excited when movies are filmed here and you see different celebrities around town, but I think Johnny Depp would have topped them all.

Keep an eye out during the Super Bowl because there is going to be an all new spot aired.  For teeny preview of what to expect, check out the video below.

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