Yes, my kids do take meds……


Yes, my kids are on meds for their behavior/mood disorders.  I admit it and am not trying to hide it.  My kids need help, more help than I am able to give them.

Every time I post about my kids being put on a new med or anything, my inbox is filled with people telling me how bad meds are them.  I shouldn’t use them.  I shouldn’t put that poison in my kids bodies.  A lot of these people either (a) don’t have kids or (b) don’t have kids with disorders like mine do.

After my daughter was born, I went through a VERY bad divorce.  It left me in bed for days, covered in hives.  The stress was unbearable.  I ended up miserable all the time, even when I wasn’t dealing with the divorce.  My doctor put me on Zoloft to help stabilize my moods.  I could feel a difference the same day.  I had been through counseling and support groups.  It hadn’t helped.  This little pill made all the difference though. I was happy again.

I am the type of person that doesn’t even like taking Tylenol when I have a headache…seriously.  For me to break down and take this pill daily was a big deal.  But it helped me, so I was okay with it.

When I see my kids struggling.  When I see the pain in their eyes.  When I can see that they don’t understand why they are freaking out and can’t stop crying or throwing a tantrum.  When I can’t handle them anymore and am actually contemplating allowing the therapist to remove my child from the home because they are no longer safe to be around.  That is when I realize this is bigger than anything I can handle.  That is when I realize that maybe, just maybe a medication can help.

Of course I don’t want my kids on medication, but it is necessary.  I’ve tried counseling, we’ve tried diet change… wasn’t working.

I thought I was alone in this and I thought I’d get a lot of backlash sharing my story.  I did get some messages telling me I was doing wrong by my kids for medicating them.  I got messages telling me they are just being kids and let them be.  I was told it was parenting.  I was told it was diet.  I was told it was just kids.

More than those though, I got messages saying they  had dealt with the same exact thing and felt like THEY were alone.  They felt like they couldn’t share their stories without being judged.

Judge me if you want.  It’s okay.

I’m doing what I think is right by my kids.  I’m working to find solutions before they get older and have even more issues. I’m working to ensure they can control their anger and won’t grow up to “freak out” and go on a shooting rampage.

Just this passed weekend a family was shot and killed by their own son.  There has to be something not quite right for a kid to go in and kill five of his family members.  A healthy person doesn’t do that.  Mental illness is just that, an illness.   It has to be treated or it will get worse.  It doesn’t just “go away” and pretending it isn’t there doesn’t help you deal with it.

Don’t be so quick to judge someone…you might not know the full story.


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    Thank you for sharing your story! I’m sure it will help a lot of people who’re struggling with the medication/no medication choice themselves.

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    You are so inspiring and strong. It takes a lot to go through everything you have been dealt. Not only are you trying to do everything you can for your family but you are also putting yourself out there in order to inform, bring awareness and help others.

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    I don’t have kids, but I understand mental issues. After trying to be OFF meds for over 5 years, it was just not working out. I think if you find the proper balance of medications it can really improve your quality of life. In any case, YOU are their mother and no one should judge you for the choices you make in raising them. <3

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    Very true. It’s not easy having kids that need more help than we can give them. I rarely take any type of medication except my asthma meds. My daughter has depression and takes medication for that and her asthma. My son has ADHD and some other issues that we try to control with behavior modification. Some days work better than others. Either way, people should not judge.

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    I applaud you for staying the course and doing what you have to do. My best friend’s son also suffers from many issues and she was completely against medicating him in the beginning. When his symptoms started getting worse, and she realized it was something she couldn’t handle alone either, she turned to meds. They DO help. Good luck to you, amiga!

  6. Cori Cambanes says

    Amber, I’m sure you’ve seen my frustrated FB posts about my struggles with our oldest son. We tried all kinds of things, nothing was working. It was starting the effect my health, mentally & physically. As someone with a mental disorder and has done a LOT of reading about my condition, I was already on alert for my boys’ mental health.. When teachers started noticing a problem with Z,my husband was very “he’s just a boy.” And my father-in-law, a retired teacher was worse. Finally I told my husband he needs checked for ADHD. His grades were horrible, he’s only in 3rd grade! After getting him evaluated & his 2nd medication, his grades are soaring every day, his attitude has improved and his decision making skills. Our little one was getting hurt because of rough play or just not paying attention. Medicating him was necessary, I wanted my loving, caring son back. I didn’t like how I was feeling towards him. The change was needed NOW, not later. Hugs!

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    I love that you are open about your family’s struggles, you just never know who you are helping with this post. Kids and meds are such a taboo subject but its about time it gets dealt with openly. Nobody knows what happens behind closed doors.

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      Thank you so much! :) I will be sharing more stories and more experiences…hopefully helping someone else who may feel like they are all alone…I often feel like that.

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    Good for you for doing what is best for your kids! People are going to judge no matter what your choices are. I faced a lot of judgement when I continued to nurse my daughter past 1 year so I just surrounded myself with people who were supportive of extended nursing. I lost some friends over that and other parenting issues. It’s really sad that people are so judgmental! I look forward to reading more stories about your family and how your kids are doing!

  9. Carla says

    Who cares WHAT ANYONE else thinks! You ARE their mother and Mother’s KNOW BEST!! Nobody but God should be judging anyone!! Thank you for sharing your story as it really may help someone else.

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