All those silly lines…. #PiroposTraducidos + Giveaway


When my husband I started dating, he would make me laugh with the corny compliments (piropos) he would give me.  I would get notes that had crazy little rhymes and I would say he sounded like Dr. Suess.  We have been together for over 8 years now and when he gets in one of his silly moods, the piropos start again.

Do you have a band-aid?  Because I hurt my knee when I fell for you.  1975_67728945880_49_n

Yes, those types of crazy piropos will pop up at any given time.  Crazy little rhymes and anything that will make me smile.  He loves to make me smile and show off my pearly whites.  I knew he was a keeper when he could make me smile so much.  I think all those piropos were on purpose to keep me thinking about him throughout the day.  I guess it worked, because we are still together!


Even with the cutest piropos, it takes a winning smile and a lot of confidence to win someone over.  Luckily Crest Complete offers a range of toothpastes and gel toothpastes for a deep clean, fresh flavor, whitening power, or all three in one tube.  It doesn’t take a ton of time to have a winning smile, but it does boost your confidence….which means you could win over that person you’ve been eyeing with a cheesy piropos.  Crest Complete offers an array of oral care products to leave you feeling fresh and ready for every moment of your day, even those moments you are trying to win over your crush.

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  1. Denise says

    If I haven’t done my morning routine, which includes a good brushing, I’ll want to hide in my cube all day at work. Which is the exact opposite of confidence to attack the day!

  2. Michelle Tucker says

    I think having nice, clean teeth really helps make that great impression. It makes me feel good.

  3. Jessica says

    A healthy smile gives me confidence during my day because I can talk to people and not have to feel self conscious

  4. michelle oakley warner says

    a healthy smile makes me smile more and when i smile alot people who see me smile also smile, passing it on

  5. Luz Herrera says

    Siempre es importante para tener una sonrisa fresca y saludable. Debemos sepillar nuestros dientes tres veces al dia y refrescar nuestro aliento con un Enjuage bucal!

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