Behind the scenes of #WreckItRalph during #DisneyOzEvent

WIR While I was out in Los Angeles with Disney for the #DisneyOzEvent, I had the opportunity to visit the Disney Animation Studios and see some behind-the-scenes of Wreck-It Ralph!  Seeing how much goes into these movies gives me a whole different level of respect for animated films.  It was just….wow! Let me show you a little bit of what I learned, saw and did!


First off, I when we showed up, we were surprised with something really cool!  We were given cookies that looked just like the medal that Vanellope makes for Ralph that says, You’re My Hero.  The sugar cookies were SO adorable….and because it was Valentine’s Day and we were away from our loved ones, they sent one to our families as well!  How sweet, right?!?  We were also given badges that had our 8-bit pictures on them!  They created them to show what we would look like if we were Nicelanders!


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I got to meet with Anthony Mutalipassi and Nicole Elmes who discussed the digital copies that Disney offers and how they work.  Let me be perfectly honest here…I had NO idea how they actually worked…I thought I did, but I was wrong.


You can buy digital copies direct OR you can purchase a DVD combo pack that includes a special gold disk.  If you load this gold disk into your computer, it will give you access to a digital copy as well as the normal DVD/Blu-Ray. When we received Wreck-It Ralph, we loaded the gold disk in the computer and this gave us the ability to add the movie to our mobile devices that use that iTunes account.  We have our kids set up on the same iTunes account so we can closely monitor what they are trying to download, etc.  The kids iPods can all watch Wreck-It Ralph now!  They LOVE it!


It was really interesting talking with Raymond Persi about the story boards and how much thought goes into each movie.  We were able to sit around and see many of the cut scenes (yes, even animated films have cut scenes, or bloopers).

When the team is working on a movie, there are so many different people with their “hands in the pot” so to speak.  They all have ideas, and no one knows what will work and what won’t at first.  You throw them all in the pot, try them out and see what works.

You can see many of the cut scenes on the bonus features of the movie!  Be sure to check them out, you’ll be surprised as some of the scenes that they were originally thinking about!

Visual Development


Meeting with Mike Gabriel and Bill Schwab was very interesting!  When Wreck-It Ralph was being developed, they had no idea what to make Ralph look like.  There were so many ideas thrown around and everything down to the type of buttons on his shirt had to be discussed and agreed upon.

There were so many different ideas from having a horn to a blue nose to nearly anything else.  It was interesting to see.  The photos to the right show several of the versions of Ralph during his development.


IMG_1466One of my favorite parts of rigging with John Kahwaty.  If you don’t know what rigging is, basically it is just creating points that move on characters.

I really hadn’t known what this was or how it worked, but WOW it was SO cool!  I had a video and it disappeared, I’m so sad about that because I was making Ralph break it down.  Okay, not really, but I tried.  That picture is me playing around with Ralph, figuring out how to make him move.

When you think of animated films, you think about 2D characters, but playing with the rigging I could spin him around and up and down to see him for a 360 view!  I could even see the bottoms of his feet!



One of the animators I was able to meet was Amy Smeed.  First off, I was incredibly jealous of her office because it is a house.  Like, a little house inside the building.  I think I need an office like her!

She explained how they actually acted out the scenes of the movie to make sure they capture to facial expressions, hand gestures and things that the character would do if they were a real person.  It was cute watching a video of her acting out a scene as Vanellope.

I had NO IDEA that someone actually acted out the scenes to get facial expressions. I just thought it was drawn.

Come to find out, Wreck-It Ralph took SIX years to make.  Yep, you heard that right…..SIX YEARS.  I think that is why it is so perfect, so amazing, so….awesome!

Check out Wreck-It Ralph on digital NOW or preorder the DVD (releases March 5, 2013!)

p.s. Do you see my super cute shirt in these pics?  Thanks to SearsStyle for sponsoring my super cute shirts and jeans while I was in Los Angeles!

Disclosure: I was provided a trip to Los Angeles for the Oz The Great and Powerful premiere and Wreck-It Ralph press day.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.  

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