Britax brightens up the new year


Britax understands that moms want a stroller to be more than just a stroller.  We use a stroller every where that we go.  We want it to match our style, our personality.  Yes, baby blue might be cute, but it doesn’t say anything about my style.  The B-READY stroller has been transformed into a chic accessory.

britax-copper-425You can now purchase the B-READY in a variety of colors including bright copper, mossy green and slate gray!  I love it!

These are the same colors I have throughout my house.  From the mossy green to a brick red, my house goes outside the normal “neutral” colors and adds a range of color. I think incorporating these into a stroller is a smart idea!

I am pretty sad my kids are too old for strollers now.  This would be be so much better than the turquoise and black polka dot stroller my son had.  I think I could have even gotten my husband to push this stroller around.  It’s hard to get the men to be on board with pushing around a stroller that is just….a stroller.  These new colors of the B-READY are fashionable and trendy, not to mention functional and safe.

britax-slate-427Besides being chic, the B-READY stroller features foam-filled rubber tires and four-point suspension to provide a smooth ride. Baby can comfortably and safely ride from age 6 months (or from birth, when used with an infant car seat) up to 55 pounds.  The top-selling single modular stroller supports growing families with its integrated CLICK & GO system. It easily converts into 14 configurations that can carry one or two children using any combination of the top seat, 2nd seat, bassinet and infant car seats (sold separately). Additionally, its reversible top seat accommodates four recline positions.

Where to buy: 

You can purchase the Britax B-READY stroller online or at retailers nationwide (MSRP: $499.99)!


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as I am a part of the Britax Latina Advisory Board.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.  


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