Hide and Go Seek Makes Kids Anti-social?



When I was catching up on my daily news, you know…Facebook, I saw a local radio station talking about the ban of Hide and Go Seek because it made kids secretive and anti-social.  What is this world coming to?

Hide and Go Seek is one the best parts of child hood.  It is a game that nearly every child plays and has so much fun.  How can you say it makes you anti-social when it is a game you HAVE to play with others?  Yes, you are hiding, but it’s just.a.game.

I started doing some research on this subject and the first thing I found was an article on Momtastic where she goes onto to say that Hide and Go Seek teaches kids to be secretive, hide and not come out, sends mixed messages and may be over the kids heads and they may not know the difference between real and play. Are you kidding me?!? It is a GAME.  It is fun.  Kids know the difference between real and play and if they don’t, it is your job to teach them.

When I was little we played so many games the kids aren’t allowed to play anymore.  Red Rover was one of my favorites, although the kids can’t play it now because I guess too many kids got hurt.  Eh, kids these days are scared of getting hurt.  I might have ended up with a bruise or two playing Red Rover, but I got over it.  I have amazing memories of playing that game.  My poor children will never have that opportunity.

Taking away all the joys and fun of childhood is changing our kids.  We wonder why they don’t want to be more active.  We wonder why they will sit in front of the Xbox all day long and refuse to go outside and play.  We are taking all the FUN out of childhood.

When I was a kid I remember going out and riding my bike for hours.  I remember playing with my friends in the neighborhood.  I remember going to birthday parties and having FUN.  So many of these things are going away.  So many of these things are being away from our kids because “experts” are finding they are causing “problems” in our kids.  Maybe the problem is we aren’t letting kids be kids.  We aren’t letting kids get out, explore and have fun.

I play Hide and Go Seek with my kids.  I play Tag with my kids at the park. Is it wrong?  Am I damaging my kids because I’m outside playing with them?  Because they are running away from me, is it teaching them to be defiant?  NO.  I am teaching them to have FUN.  I am teaching them to play and be active.

What do you think?  Should there be a ban on these games?  Am I totally off my rocker or are the “experts”?  


  1. says

    I can’t believe they’d ban “hide and seek”..I’m sure “keep away” is another out the door. Games are needed to teach sportmanship and that you don’t always win. Sometimes others have more skill or luck than you.

  2. Brandy Myers (@Giveawayblogdom) says

    This is one of the worst things I have heard this week. Games like this are needed to teach our children valuable lessons. They can’t handle losing because they are not taught how to do it at a young age. I guess my kids are going to be very anti-social because we spend more time outside and playing games like this than I can count.

  3. says

    I don’t think hide and seek should be banned. We loved that game when we were little and I think we made more friends because of it. You could gather all the kids in your neighborhood and have a huge game, it was great! I dont understand why they would ban something like that.

  4. says

    Oh, this is just ridiculous. My daughter {2.5} thinks Hide and Seek is one of the funnest games ever – she just giggles and giggles when she’s hiding. Antisocial? Maybe if you stay hidden for 3 hours. {Which as a Mom, I’ve been tempted to do.} 😉

    The things the “experts” come up with.

  5. says

    Seriously, this makes my head hurt. I am hearing WAY to many stupid things being banned from schools and parents being told is “bad” for their kids. Honestly, I think some people would be most happy if it was like the one commercial where the kid comes to school as a computer monitor on wheels so we can “protect” them all. I played hide & seek. Sometimes in the dark! I know, the scandal of it all, huh?

  6. says

    Just when I think people can’t get any more stupid they have to do something like this. Totally ignore the skills it does build: patience, counting, seeking skills etc..

  7. says

    I am so appalled by this! They want to tell us how to raise our kids. They want to tell us how to discipline our kids. But when we have fun with them and spend time with them, we’re still wrong? What.The.Heck.Is.Wrong.With.This.Nation?! Our boys know and play Red Rover, Hide and Seek, Tag, and oh no dare I say it? Dodge Ball! I don’t know what our nation is becoming, but I know that because of these rules, our children ARE going to grow up to be anti-social. And how can they say that Hide and Seek teaches all this nonsense? When if you think about it, it actually teaches the children about TRUST! Think about it, the person hiding, is trusting the others to find them, and also is trusting that they keep their eyes closed and count to the agreed number? OMG I’m heated!

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