How to Make Your Own Easter Baskets

Custom-made gifts have a lot of meaning for the receiver. These gifts are a personal expression of affection and Easter gifts are no exception. It is a little like a Christmas stocking. Each one is filled with something special. Easter gift baskets are an incredibly easy and attractive way to personalize a gift, and here are some suggestions to spark the imagination.

Imaginative Easter Gifts

Start with the Basket

Easter baskets left over from the previous year would work well, but there may not be enough for everyone. A few baskets will need to be purchased from a crafts store. Another possibility is to buy already made Easter baskets that are full of candy and cellophane hay. They can be taken apart and put back together in a personalized way. It is best to buy undecorated baskets and the darker the straw material the better. Darker baskets look more elegant.

Girls and young boys will enjoy Easter baskets, but older boys may like something a little more substantial. Cardboard boxes such as an empty cereal box or a shoebox are possibilities that can be decorated to please a boy. Boys won’t focus on the container for long. They will want to get to the gifts.

If buying ready-made baskets is a little too costly, try improvising with milk cartons, folded or glued together paper plates, juice boxes or other convenient containers. They can be decorated with colored paper, ribbons and wrapped in cellophane for a charming presentation.

Even a plain, brown paper bag can be upgraded and transformed into a fun and colorful container. They can be decorated with a sports theme, favorite cartoon character or anything that will personalize the bag for the receiver. They can be turned into bunnies with big ears and funny faces, or they can look like a flowerpot with fresh or artificial flower bouquets sticking out of the top.

Decorate the Basket

With a few inexpensive supplies, it is fun and easy to decorate Easter baskets or boxes. Some essential things are:

• Glue gun
• Colorful cellophane wrapping and hay
• Stickers of bunnies, decorated eggs, chicks, spring flowers and bows
• Foil paper or aluminum foil for sparkle
• Colored ribbon

Girls may like curled ribbons hanging over the side and for boys a great, big bow on top that is easy to remove quickly. The whole thing can be made into a bundle with cellophane and tied at the top. The decoration alone is thrilling for children.

Add the Gifts

Whatever theme is chosen for the decoration should continue in the contents of the basket. For example, if the theme is chocolate, the inside may contain several varieties of the sweet. If the theme is a child’s favorite cartoon, the contents may be a DVD or game, figurines or a book.

For adults, the theme may be wine or gourmet coffee or tea. This can be accompanied with crackers and cheese, cake, special cookies and mugs, wine glasses or beautiful tea cups and saucers. There is no end to the possibilities.

Easter gifts for children are the easiest. Puppets, toys, stuffed animals, books, crayons, bubbles and all the tasty Easter candy. Marshmallow bunnies, chocolate eggs, sugar crystal eggs are a few that are loved.

It is fun to make Easter gift baskets and it is fun to receive them. They contain surprises that delight the receiver and are a delight to give.

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