Interview with Rachel Weisz, Evanora in Oz The Great and Powerful #DisneyOzEvent


Rachel Weisz as Evanora

Oz The Great and Powerful

In theaters March 8, 2013

In Disney’s Oz The Great and Powerful, Rachel Weisz plays one of the witches, Evanora.  When I saw her on the “yellow brick” carpet for the premiere, she was in a gorgeous red dress and looked so sweet.  You’d never guess she played a witch in the movie!  I had the honor of participating in a group interview with Weisz while I was in Los Angeles for the #DisneyOzEvent.  She was very sweet and her accident was adorable.


If you’ve seen the previews, you’ve seen how GORGEOUS her dress is.  I was able to see it up close and WOW!  I actually asked if I could try it on but was just kind of laughed at.  You’ll never know if you don’t ask, right?  When asked which she preferred more, slipping into the character or Evanora or the costume, Weisz actually surprised me.  She began to giggle and said that her character is really bad and nasty.  She went on to explain that the two are one in the same and she couldn’t have had one without the other.

“I couldn’t have played her without that corset, and sequence, and feathers, and lashes, and lips, you know, the whole thing.”

Since this is a family film, we were curious how she felt about playing such a “nasty” character, knowing children will be watching.  I mean, I like to think of family films as happy-go-lucky, but Weisz helped us remember that all fairy tales have some sort of evil character.  I think this is true, nearly every story has a good and evil mixture, that is what gives you the entertainment value.

“I think she’s, she’s dark, but she’s having a lot of fun being bad.  I think it’s like Disney bad.”

Watching her relive the filming of Oz The Great and Powerful was a lot of fun.  When we asked her what her favorite memory of filming was, she stated it was torturing Glinda during a scene when she is chained.  They got along “brilliantly” but the two had a lot of fun during the scene.  She also stated that flying was a lot of fun for her.  She did all of her own stunt work.

“Flying is really, fun, kinda a little scary and quite exciting, like having a, having a really good rollercoaster ride.” 

We learned that Weisz had loved the Wizard of Oz since she was child and can remember seeing it when she was about five years old in a theater.  She hadn’t been aware there were actually 10 books in the Frank L. Baum series.  When she read this script she was really excited to know this would tell the story of how the Wizard really becomes the Wizard.

“We all the Wizard of Oz so well, and this is the story of how the Wizard came to be the Wizard.  I loved it, and I loved the character of Evanora, and I loved how, how mercilessly horrible she is.” 

The character of Evanora is so much different for Weisz, you can tell she really had a great time getting into the role and taking on the character.  She does a fabulous job of portraying the evilness and deception needed.

You can see Rachel Weisz as Evanora in ‘Oz The Great and Powerful’ on March 8, 2013! 


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