Maybe I’m a different shade of green #GreenHousewives

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Over the past few years, it seems that my friends have split into two categories, the green and not-green.  I have my friends that are over-the-top, recycle, everything organic, reuse reuse reuse….then there are my other friends.  The “other” friends may recycle, they might buy organic if it’s available or not too much more expensive.  I fit into that “other” category.  I might not consider myself “green” because I don’t go over-the-top to go out of my way to “be green”, but I do like to do my part.  Maybe I could be considered teal, or turquoise.  Blue with a hint of green in there.  :)

I think there are some people that try to be too green.  I mean, if it works for you, go for it, but I don’t see why everything you touch, eat and think about has to be organic, free range, recyclable and reused.  I still want to live my life and don’t feel that I can make changes that will completely impact my way of life.

Check out the fun new videos from Green Works called The Green Housewives.  I was rolling when I was watching this, because, although it is exaggerated, is so much like so many people.  I would never be anywhere near as dramatic as these women are about saving the earth.  My family uses Green Works cleaning products and recycle what we can.  Our recycle bin is normally overflowing each week.  We pass down clothes and reuse all that we can…but we aren’t overboard.  I just don’t have time for all that.

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